Most people know Jane Austen’s from either reading her books “Pride & Prejudice”, “Sense & Sensibility” or seeing the many TV or movie versions of those books and “Mansfield Park” and “Emma”. The movie I saw this afternoon “Love and Friendship” is a novella, entitled “Lady Susan”, which she wrote but never finished and was finally published about 75 years later after her nephew took over the task to do just that.

In this film directed by Whit Stillman, who also wrote the screenplay based on the novella, there are a lot of smart, funny, sophisticated lines telling the story of the beautiful, widowed Lady Susan and her manipulations to get her daughter and herself married by any means. We meet many of their relatives, friends and eligible men with the latter being picked by Lady Susan for a role she has picked for each.

The cast, starring Kate Beckinsale as a beautiful, believable Lady Susan and including such actors as Morfydd Clark, Xavier Samuel, Emma Greenwall, Justin Edwards, Jemma Redgrave, Stephen Fry and James Fleet, among others, fit in with the Jane Austen English characters with only Chloe Sevigny standing out for the wrong reason. Tom Bennett provides many funny moments but he seems too silly for the film and story.

Stillman does a good job of directing and offers a first rate production though at time the actors talk to low and/or a bit hard to understand, swallowing up the words in their accents.

Though I would not recommend seeing “Love & Friendship” I do know it will send me to reading the novella “Lady Susan” so I can read the words of Jane Austen and see how, if, Whit Stillman added to the screenplay or undermined the original story.

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From arrival until we left the words elegant and elegance were in my mind. Whether I have eaten in too many fast food restaurants or the latest ones which are between fast food and full service or the full service restaurants have been too mediocre Bistro Mezzaluna completely overwhelmed me in a good way.

It started with the base of the table as you enter the restaurant–maybe a silly thing but it is part of the aura of the whole experience.From the hostess to the serving team of Hector and Tommy to the main courses of Rigatoni Bolognese and Shrimp Scampi, which they split into 4 dishes when I casually mentioned to Allen that we should order 2 different items and share them. Our drinks were refilled before we even had a chance to ask.

The only mistake made was the one I made. We asked Hector to suggest a dessert and though he suggested the apple pie a la mode we decided on the flourless chocolate cake which, to us, was to dry which is one of its features.

With our drinks, coffee and diet cola,plus a 20% tip our check came to $57.70 though I really should have left a bigger tip!
As of this meal I have now narrowed my favorites restaurants to three and, ironically, all are Italian!
Bistro Mezzaluna is elegant from the fountain, the centerpiece of the outside dining area, to the bar lounge with the piano back to the base of that table at the entrance/exit.

Oh, I forgot to mention the menus that use recent technology and light up upon opening them.



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new phone May 2016

I have no one to blame but myself! I don’t know what made me do it but within one week I got my first tablet, a new desktop computer and Windows 10! Okay I got a good deal on the computer as it was on sale for $169 but the tablet was a waste of time and money!

I mainly got the tablet because with my situation here I really want to get connected with Uber for transportation but what I didn’t know was that you need a smart phone and, sorry, I am not going to get a cell phone* unless I have to . In any case after talking to Chuck ‘we’ decided I didn’t need the tablet, wouldn’t use it and that I should get rid of it! Well I did, giving it to John who already had one just like it.

Now regarding the computer and Windows 10 I got very lucky in that a week after I bought and not doing anything with it Chuck, who is my computer guru, appeared like Santa at my door and got to work putting the whole thing together, importing my pictures, documents, favorites, bookmarks, etc., from the old computer. He gave me his mantra “Google is your friend” and I was ready to go.

I am doing pretty good with the computer and Windows 10 so I guess I have at least one leg in the 21st century!


*Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!!! In order to get/use the uber app I bought a cell phone!!! My initial payment is $131 including the cost of phone, the activation fee, a stylus pen, shipping and a plan payment of $17.49 I have a 30 day test period and can cancel with only losing $10 for mailing of phone back. Well after ONE DAY I took the next plan at $21 a month. I need the data if I am going to do the uber thing—and I am!!! It is still cheaper than what my landline costs. Oh yes I can have my landline phone number transferred to use on my cell phone!

Now I have to decide if I want to get rid of my landline and what AT&T will charge me for the Internet since I won’t have a ‘bundle’. I don’t plan to use the cell phone anymore than I do the landline which is just for necessary calls like doctor appointments; even though I have all the free texting I want, 400 minutes of talk and 100 MB of data I still hate phones. I was thinking of using the camera that comes in the phone until I saw how much data it takes so that’s out but no longer wearing a watch!

If anyone ever sees me using the cell phone in public, except to call uber, you have my permission to kick me in the rear!!

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I very seldom if ever read reviews before I go to see a movie. I will usually go to see a film because of the stars or having seen or trailer, sometimes by word of mouth or by reading hype which gives me an idea what the movie is about.

I decided to see “The Nice Guys” because I like Russell Crowe though lately his movies haven’t been that good and his appearance is starting to reach the ‘sloppy’ stage. I haven’t made up my mind about Ryan Gosling as I have liked him in about 25% of the movies I have seen him in. At one time I was a big fan of Kim Basinger but she hasn’t done anything g major in movies. Another selling point for me was Matt Bomer who good looks are almost hidden.

After seeing the movie I came home and went to the Rotten Tomatoes site to see it got a 90% critic rating and a 88% audience score while Meta Critic gave it a 70% good critics rating.

“The Nice Guys” is the story of a mismatched pair of private eyes in the 1970s in Los Angeles working together to solve the mystery suicide of a porn star. It is being sold as a comedy and I didn’t even crack one smile though I must say Allen did laugh at a Nixon joke.

Though not the worst movie I have seen this year so far it was a waste of time except for seeing the real star of the movie, a 15 year old actress named Angourie Rice, who steals all the scenes she is in with Crowe and Gosling.

The screenplay and direction along with the production design even fail in recreating the 1970s era of dope, sex, bell bottom trousers and the disco scnene.

If you like the bathroom scene in the trailer then you will probably like this movie. I didn’t and I didn’t!




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meddler 2

There are many reasons to see “The Meddler” and 4 are Susan Sarandon, Sarandon, Susan Sarandon and SusanSarandon. There is a scene of pure joy when she, playing Marnie, starts laughing out of control with her daughter Lori, played by Rose Byrne. In another scene it seems like she is having an orgasm just eating a poached egg in the center of a slice of fried bread with classical music in the background with each beat timed with a bite and any food lover will identify with that!  

In a scene with J.K. Simmons, playing would be motorcycle suitor—Wait! As he says “I am a Harley Davidson which is a different thing” –she makes him look better on screen than he ever has.

And, yes, you can’t take it away from her because when Susan Sarandon appears in that body hugging red dress with a deep V top, nearing 70 in October, she is still one sexy woman.

The film is not perfect as there is a screenplay by LoreneScafaria, who also directed, regarding a mother-daughter relationship which strays far afield to the mother paying for a wedding for a Lesbian couple, played by Cecily Strong and Casey Wilson, her going to private sessions with her daughter’s therapist, AmyLandecker, meddling with her daughter’s ex boyfriend, Jason Ritter, and, yes, meddling in the lives of those around her but, in particularly, her daughter’s. She steers a young Black man, Jerrod Carmicheal, who sold her an Iphone in an Apple store, to go back to school and drives him there every night besides buying a set of text books to help him with his exams, not to forget trying to patch up the rift he has with his brother.

Supported with a star studded cast taking small roles such as Harry Hamlin, Laura San Giacomo, not to forget Michael McKean in a slightly bigger role as another suitor of Marnie’s plus 12 bridesmaids with the flower girl being the child of the Lesbian couple there is no doubt that only Susan Sarandon could be THE STAR of this movie! One minor complaint, very minor, every now and then her Brooklyn accent is jarring.

“The Meddler” is a movie worth seeing if only for the ‘loving to eat egg and bread’ scene, the red dress scene and every other scene Sarandon is in!




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I had heard about the Top Hat Deli and the story behind it but wasn’t quite sure where it was until we dropped a friend off at the Greyhound bus terminal and there it was right next door.

It’s bright, new, trendy looking, well staffed who appeared to work as a good team so it looked like to a good start.

Whatever happened to the ‘customer is always right’ philosophy? Okay it didn’t always work at the Stage or Carnegie or Katz’s delis in NYC but if they had the ingredients you usually got what you wanted even if served sarcastically.

Two in the party ordered corned beef sandwiches and though we didn’t see anything about a side served with it–though it may be there on the menu somewhere– they were offered fries, chips, potato salad or slaw. One took the chips and another took the potato salad. Neither had ever had an egg cream so they ordered that as their drink.

Now comes the problem child–me! I wanted a combo pastrami and corned beef on rye and was basically told that I couldn’t get it unless I ordered two different sandwiches of one each! I didn’t, and still don’t, see the logic as to why I couldn’t get the combo sandwich unless they are getting their meats from the outside already portioned out though I don’t think that is the case.

I, too, had the ‘just a’  corned beef sandwich but didn’t order the egg cream as I wasn’t too happy with the ones the other guys got. I had coffee as my drink and the fries for my side.We all agreed the corned beef sandwich was excellent and, of the sides, the chips were the best.

The check came to $44.52 plus we left a 20% tip. I didn’t, actually see the check  but I have to assume the drink and side are included with the sandwich–maybe just at lunch?–as looking at their menu on the Internet the sandwich alone was priced at $14 so if it was all a la carte it would have come to around $64 before tax. as the sides were $4 each and the drinks $3.50.

$15.46 per person is about average for lunch in downtown Fort Lauderdale and, right now, they have plenty of free parking.

The bottom line? It’s a nice restaurant and one of only 3 delis in the area but if I can’t get what I want when it is available without having to pay double the price why should I return?


Top Hat Deli slideshow


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Walking into a movie house to see a film starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, directed by Jodie Foster, one is expecting to see a good film and “Money Monster” delivers. It brings nothing new to the movie screen but it holds your interest, is a decent thriller and shows two stars at their best along with a supporting cast doing just that by giving strong support.

The plot sounds very simple but the financial dealings aren’t! Kyle, played by Jack O’Connell, takes flamboyant TV financial host Lee Gates, played by Clooney, hostage while the latter is doing his live show, which Patty Fenn, played by Julia Roberts, produces and directs. Kyle makes Lee put on a rigged bomb vest and threatens to take his finger off the detonator unless it is explained how he lost all his money on a tip given by Lee on his show, which was blamed on a computer glitch.

The company is owned by Walt Camby, played by Dominic West, a favorite actor of mine, whose communication director, and his mistress, Diane Lester, played by Caitriona Balfe, is in the dark about many things regarding her boss. Some of the best scenes in the movie are between Balfe and Roberts.

Christopher Denham as a producer wanna be working with Patty has a role underwritten but played well by him and offering humor. Lenny Venito as the lead cameraman on the show, Condola Rashad as an assistant and Emily Meade as Kyle’s girlfriend all make an impression with their time on screen.

George Clooney is his familiar, wisecracking, mugging self at the beginning and growing stronger as he tries to bind with Jack O’Connell who delivers a difficult role easily. Through it all Julia Roberts is the focus and main strength of the film.

The screenplay by Jamie Linden, Alan DiFiore and Jim Kouf keeps the suspense going, gives the actors some funny bits and tries to look at all the aspects of Wall Street and how the financial world works but do their best keeping the dealings between Clooney, Roberts and O’Connell at a high level.

Though the film was suppose to have been shot in real time, a few scenes, outdoors, had to be fudged here and there. Jody Foster, as the director, keeps the tension going, the actors moving briskly and efficiently entertains. Though anything you can say about a thriller will be a spoiler Foster only did two things ‘wrong’, one regarding Roberts which is a personal spoiler for me and another regarding giving some information just a beat too soon.

“Money Monster” delivers any expectations a movie-goer could want and will certainly satisfy fans of Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jodie Foster and thrillers.


Movie trailer


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