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I never heard about the Peterloo massacre before hearing about this movie and thought it would be worthwhile to go see the film just to learn about it. I would have saved a lot of time being bored if I had just gone to wipikidia and read the following in less than 5 minutes rather than sitting in a movie watching 2 hours and 33 minutes of oratory being blasted on the soundtrack. (Well at least I understood all the accents because the actors, along with bellowing, did enunciate!) Major disappointment.

Peterloo Massacre – Wikipedia

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterloo_Massacre  Overview

The Peterloo Massacre took place at St Peter’s FieldManchester, England, on 16 August 1819, when cavalry charged into a crowd of 60,000–80,000 who had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.
The end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 had resulted in periods of famine and chronic unemployment, exacerbated by the introduction of the first of the Corn Laws. By the beginning of 1819, the pressure generated by poor economic conditions, coupled with the relative lack of suffrage in Northern England, had enhanced the appeal of political radicalism. In response, the Manchester Patriotic Union, a group agitating for parliamentary reform, organised a demonstration to be addressed by the well-known radical orator Henry Hunt.
Shortly after the meeting began, local magistrates called on the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry to arrest Hunt and several others on the hustings with him. The Yeomanry charged into the crowd, knocking down a woman and killing a child, and finally apprehending Hunt. The 15th Hussars were then summoned by the magistrate, Mr Hulton, to disperse the crowd. They charged with sabres drawn, and in the ensuing confusion, 15 people were killed and 400–700 were injured. The massacre was given the name Peterloo in an ironic comparison to the Battle of Waterloo, which had taken place four years earlier.
Historian Robert Poole has called the Peterloo Massacre one of the defining moments of its age. In its own time, the London and national papers shared the horror felt in the Manchester region, but Peterloo’s immediate effect was to cause the government to crack down on reform, with the passing of what became known as the Six Acts. It also led directly to the foundation of the Manchester Guardian, but had little other effect on the pace of reform. In a survey conducted by The Guardian in 2006, Peterloo came second to …


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Step 1   Gift arrives in big box
Step 2   Take out big, shiny package from box
Step 3    Take food out of package
              a) 32 ounces of Carnegie Deli pastrami
              b) 32 ounce of Carnegie Deli’s famous sour pickles
              c)  9 ounce jar of NY Carnegie Deli Dusseldorf Mustard
              d)  loaf of NY rye bread
Step 4   Put it away quickly

I have to fast for the next 20 hours due to going for quarterly blood work on Thursday and Friday at sundown Passover begins which mean I can’t/won’t eat any after Sundown as a pastrami sandwich on Matzah is NOT a pastrami sandwich having to wait until Saturday, April 27 sundown for that.
Either I eat between sunset on this Thursday and sunset on this Friday or spend 8 days hearing the pastrami, pickles, mustard and rye bread calling/torturing me   ARGH!!!
Then, adding injury to insult, the following Thursday when I go back to my doctor I will get weighed!!
Mmmmm—I wonder if that friend who sent me this gift is really a ‘friend’!? (Oh, I know she is. LOL)

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Don’t know when I became enamored with Mother Nature nor do I remember when I was told that it was a form of meditation but in any case, nothing impresses me more than what takes place in the world of nature. Yes, there is even beauty in hurricanes as destructive as they can be. I can spend hours watching what is happening in all aspects of nature which is constantly changing.
I have 3 huge windows in my living/dining room area and I never close the blinds. No matter what time of day I walk into the room I am overwhelmed by what I see outside my windows. From the green trees to the sky they are always different as is the canal waters.
Not only outside but inside I have 28 flower pots with 5 different colored geraniums, a few different species of cacti, poinsettias, a Cuban plant, pepper plants, just to name a few. No matter what is happening in a negative way in my life, not that much happens in that vein, they can always put a smile on my face.
Every day there is something new to see. For instance, in pictures #s 1 & 2 you will see the ‘Christmas’ cactus that I got years ago ready to be in bloom (see all the buds) in time for Easter. What was supposed to bloom just in December now blooms 7-8 months a year. Also if you look behind the cactus you will see the red leaves of the poinsettias that I brought home in early December.
In picture #3 is one of the many birds that visit ‘my’ backyard from egrets to bluejays to woodpeckers and, not to forget, the group of wild parrots that visit every afternoon making a lot of noise but their red and green colors standing out against the brown trunk and green leaves of what I call the ‘Wilma tree’ that was completely left bare, lost many branches but after 2 years was more beautiful than ever and has grown way over three stories high! Right now sitting at my desk I am looking out the 3 windows seeing it all.
I titled #4 ‘just another day’ because walking down to The Point, at the east end of our community, at the start of Karen Bay, we are surrounded by water, usually blue skies, million+ dollar homes, yachts with 350 days of bright sunshine. It is almost impossible to describe the evenings with stars and the moon shining over the water. We are 5 blocks from the very busy Sunrise Boulevard but you would never know we are in the middle of a big tourist city.
Excuse me while I go out and take a walk and just look around at the wonder where I live!

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Yes, I do have other favorites but this one usually, not all the time, involves the others! If I am not buying it, eating it, cooking it, talking about it or taking pictures about it I am reading about it!
Did you notice in the above picture the top upper right? Cactus in a jar! At first, I thought it might be French-style green beans but then I read the label. Have you ever had them?
I bought that Seafood Medley because 1) it interested me and 2) it was on sale for $7.99 and consists of mussels (from Canada), calamari (from India), shrimp (from India) and scallops(from China). It is packed in and distributed from California. Mmmm–when did they stop having these items in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast? I am thinking of making it in a Scampi sauce on pasta.
Also in the picture is one of my 5 top restaurants in Fort Lauderdale–Cabo Blanco is a Peruvian place with excellent food that I have been going to for a few years. I started off by trying their various lunch specials and really liked their Tallarin Saltado Con Camarones which is shrimp with noodles, tomatoes, onions in a soy sauce, oil, vinegar with ginger. It’s a huge dish with 10-12 medium-size shrimp that is really tasty and it is only $11.95 I usually have a 2-4-1 coupon which means it basically costs $6 plus tax and tip which is a hard price to beat! I now have it whenever I go there and that is when I go to the Regal theatre to see a movie on Friday.
Also in the picture, though it doesn’t look that big is a humongous net weight 2-pound 14-ounce jar of fire roasted red peppers that can be used every which way including as a snack.
Okay, time to have dinner as I watch the new non-musical version of “Les Miserables” on PBS.
I won’t say who but they know who is responsible for me having a weight gain this week because of this!
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“After”–movie review   1 comment

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I am the first to admit that I am a sucker for a love story and the last couple of years I have gotten hung up on young adult love stories, where one is usually struck with a life-threatening disease such as “5 Feet Apart” and “The Fault in the Stars” so I suggested we go see “After” not knowing anything about it except it was based on a YA book.
There is no medical crisis in the movie but there is Tesa, a very good girl who is smart, has a boyfriend who she has known since she was 5, is pretty, follows the rules and is majoring in economics to make a living, though her real love is literature with a leaning towards Jane Austen. Walking into her dorm room this sheltered girl finds her tattooed, noserings, pierced, multi-colored hair roommate, not that there is anything wrong with that, is more than willing to educate the newbie. Tesa is played by Josephine Langford who does a fine job with what she is given to play.
Now you know a good girl like this with a roommate like Steph, played by KhadijhaRed Thunder, will meet the ‘bad’ boy and he shows up in the hunky body of Hardin, played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin, a nephew of actors Joseph and Ralph Fiennes. He has the looks of the former only more smoldering but not quite the acting talent of the former, though this movie really doesn’t give him a chance to show any talent. Trying to make him a combination of Darcy and Heathcliff, and he quotes them both, the director and screenwriters let his character down.
With actors like Peter Gallagher as Hardin’s son, Selma Blair as Tesa’s mother, Meadow Williams Tesa and Landin’s English professor and Jennifer Beals plus the young actors including Shane Paul McGhie, Inanna Sarkis and others the leads get good support but the director Jenny Gage and the script by Susan McMartin let the cast and the audience down.
The movie is agonizingly slow getting the love story started, goes off in a few directions that either lead nowhere or are dropped when they should have been expanded but the biggest letdown is when what motivates Hardin, one regarding Tesa and the other himself, is revealed which should have but doesn’t move the audience.
(An aside:  Allen and I were the whole audience!)
“After” is not a good movie due to the script and direction.

Movie trailer



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Good Spirits–restaurant review   1 comment

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From my waiter’s point of view, though it wasn’t that busy–it was about 2 PM–the parties were spread out and I believe the two waiters on duty were alternating parties so they had parties inside and out spread apart from each other. The restaurant should have been divided in half so both had tables inside and out but closer together for better service. (To better understand it you would have to know the layout of the restaurant.)
The bartender was also serving food at the bar and the manager was a working manager so there was really no faulting the crew.
The restaurant was pleasantly laid out–I couldn’t see the TV in the bar area which makes me happy–with cushions in the booths, but a little too ‘busy’ with the decor.
Living on a restricted budget I had avoided coming here for lunch as I heard it was expensive but came across a 2-4-1 lunch coupon requiring a beverage purchase so after shopping at the Dollar Tree–make out of that what you will–we went to Good Spirits for lunch.
Allen had The Bolo made of Rigatoni Pasta, Italian Sausage, Tomatoes, Basil in Pecorino Parmesan ($18 lunch, $20 dinner) and an Arnold Palmer ($4) and loved it with 2 ‘complaints’ the first being ‘too hot’ heat wise and he was annoyed by the basil leaves mixed in. I explained that we were right near the kitchen and pasta has to be served hot as it gets cold very quickly.
I had the  Cordon Blue made of Chicken, Swiss Cheese, Serrano Ham on a bed of Asparagus and a Parmesan Creme sauce ($19 lunch, $23 dinner) and an Iced Tea ($4). It was served hot and the sauce was tasty but though I love vegetables Al Dente these were too hard consequently hard to cut. I, also, didn’t care for the way the chicken was made as I don’t recall ever having it breaded/fried in this dish.
Our check came to $37.87 with tax, tip, minus the $18 coupon plus a 20% tip based on what would have been the original total.
It was an enjoyable lunch but it is not a place I would go back to because there was nothing ‘special’ about it for me.

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The “School of Rock” is the tale of a loser who bluffs himself into an upscale school as a substitute teacher and turns the kids into rock stars.
Before the show starts we hear the recorded voice of Andrew Lloyd Weber, who wrote the new music with Glenn Slater writing the lyrics, assures us on tape that the kids are really playing their instruments and do they play them. Mystic Inscho owns the electric guitar while Cameron Trueblood seems to have learned from the masters how to beat the drums. Julian Brescia works magic on the keyboards, Leanne Parks plays a bass almost as big as she is and each time stops the show with her solos. Arianna Pereira and Alyssa Emily Marvin as back up singers are soon joined by Camille De La Cruz who is a shy girl until she belts out an “Amazing Grace” and then she owns the stage.
They are joined by other students such as Sami Bray who becomes the band’s manager because she knows she is the smartest kid in class while Sammy Dell, the gay kid, is the costume designer, Jacob Moran is made the security guard and Gabriella Uhl becomes a roadie because all the kids in the class have to become a part of the band.
I don’t know how old the kids are in real life but on stage they are in the 4th grade which would make them be 9-10 years old and I suspect a few may be in their early teens but it makes no difference as they definitely know what they are doing!
How do adults compete with such talented kids? As best as they can and Merritt David Janes, as the fake teacher, does everything possible from jumping up on tables, rolling all over, singing, playing guitar and he stays just a step ahead of the kids. The other adults really don’t have that much to do with the exception of Lexie Dorsett Sharp, the principal of the school, who finds her youth again in a plaintive ballad “Where Did The Rock Go?”
Aside from the aforementioned ballad the kids sing a beautiful song “If Only You Would Listen” which not only delves into who the kids are but what all kids want to say to their parents. The three rock songs, two by Webber and Slater “Stick It To The Man” and “You’re In The Band” plus the “School Of Rock” by Mike White and Sammy James Jr., from the film of the same name which the show is based on, exemplifies the music the show is about.
The sets, costumes, lighting and direction are all first rate with the choreography basically the kids and Janes jumping up and down but that’s what rock is all about, including the audience swaying back and forth and clapping along with a couple of the songs. The only thing missing was people lighting lighters or turning on their phone flashlights!
Show is 2 hours and 40 minutes including a 21 minute intermission and a rocking encore!
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