Cabo Blanco Collage

Excellent service by a male and female server who looked like teenagers but in all likelihood weren’t. Restaurant is bright, inviting and comfortable. Food portions are large, taste excellent and fairly priced. The whole atmosphere was completely different, all in a good way, then it was years ago as a Jewish Israel restaurant.

I asked the server for a suggestion and when she immediately answered I told her fine. Now I wish I had asked her what it is and more about the dish and sauce because it was delicious. I usually will take a copy of the bill so I can get the server’s name, prices and dish name but this time all I got was the credit card receipt which didn’t tell me anything of that!

I am guessing that the dish was Picante De Mariscos ($16.99) from the description on the take out menu: Chef choice, shrimp, calamary, octopus in special sauce, served with rice but then it might have been Pescado A Lo Macho which also included a breaded filet of fish. In any case the sauce was delicious and I cleaned my plate not leaving a drop.

Anthony had the Arroz Con Pollo, Peruvian style, ($10.99) which was cooked in dark beer and had a cilantro sauce and raved about it.

I just had water and Anthony had an iced tea (no ice–it was fun seeing the server’s reaction!) so now that I am looking at the receipt I am sort of questioning the total as I had a groupon that was worth $30 so how I had to pay an additional $10 isn’t right as the food came to $27.68 plus 6% tax means the iced tea cost over $10???

The only reason I am pointing this out is that I was a waiter for over 38 years and I know to check a check before paying as mistakes do happen!

I left a $10 tip so altogether it came to $50 whereas it should have been $35 total including a 20% tip.


With all that I will definitely be back as I was impressed with all aspects of the restaurant and I want to try many items on the menu!


The Point 2 April 23 2016 (1)Being positive 24/7 takes a lot of mental work but even then there will be times/days/minutes that a cloud of negativity, depression will hit and all the talking to yourself won’t help. Sometimes it takes more than that whether it be the help of Mother Nature or just looking at the world around you.

For the last 17 years I found a place in the world no matter what is happening in my life, no matter what the weather may be, no matter how I am feeling but, especially if I am ‘down’, I can just walk to The Point, which is at the east end of the Gateway Terrace apartments where I live. It overlooks Karen Bay and sometimes, with weather change, in can be in Karen Bay! To the north is Sunrise Boulevard, a major east-west road in Fort Lauderdale but you don’t see or hear any noise.

At night, when the sky is clear, you see stars twinkling and during the day the sun shines brightly and the clouds are in all forms.

The Point is just a place of peace and wonder and works marvels on your mind to appreciate what you have and what is around you and any negativity disappears and you walk back to your place with a huge weight lifted and a pleasing smile on your face.


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tart cherry concentrate

I have been fighting gout now for about 3 years and all I can say about it is that having a gout attack is extremely painful. When it was first diagnosed I was prescribed allopurinol and until it kicked in to stop that attack I was first given MethyIPREDNISolone which is taken in exact amounts at exact times. As my ankle—yes, gout doesn’t only attack the big toe—was still hurting I was also prescribed Propoxyphen-APAP.

Due to the fact that I have been on Warfarin for 17 years—which is a blood thinner—I have to be careful of which pain killers I take.

Oh by the way don’t believe that old wife’s tale that gout is a ‘rich man’s disease—it isn’t!

I have had 4-5 attacks since first diagnosed and a week ago Friday it hit again. Usually it will take a few days before the pain subsides but this time it hasn’t and along with everything else it has been exceptionally painful. I took another dosage of the MethylPREDNISolone for the 6 days with no results and then started with the Propoxyphen and still the pain continued so then I took Hydrocodon with zero results.

I did check out google when I was first diagnosed and read all about the foods to avoid and what to eat but that’s about it—I read what it said.

I googled more yesterday and came across the ‘fact’ that cherries were known to lessen the pain of, and even in some cases prevent, attacks of gout. Having Allen’s car I decided to go cherry buying but little did I know that they were out of season. I went to Winn-Dixie, Publix, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s without any luck and finally at The Fresh Market I found cherries at $6.91 A POUND!! OUCH!! I was hurting so I bought a package which was 2 pounds. When I came home I did more research and saw that I was to take 20 cherries at a time. I did before going to sleep and still woke up in pain so I did more research. Turns out it had to be a specific tart cherry called Montmorency. Out I went again and all I could find was a 16 fluid ounce bottle of ‘Montmorency tart cherry concentrate’ for $12.99.  Heck that’s why it must be called a rich man’s disease!!

Reading directions I started with 2 tablespoons as a high potency dose and later as a drink using a 1-7 proportion. Well so far I have spent $26.81 on cherries/cherry juice and still have the pain!!!

Moral of this blog? I am not sure yet!



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“Hell and High Water” is a very ‘odd’ movie!! For the first 75 minutes you wish it ‘would just get on’ to where it is going though it does have 1-2 minutes of hilarity supplied by Margaret Bowman as a sassy waiteress who wouldn’t take any guff from Jack Nicholson giving his order in “Five Easy Pieces” let alone from Texas Ranger Jeff Bridges! There is also a lot of give and take between Jeff, who will soon retire, and his Mexican-Comanche partner Gil Birmingham plus the bank robber brothers Chris Pine and Ben Foster.

The screenwriter Taylor Sheridan offers sharp dialogue between the various ‘couples’, including an exchange between another waitress played by Katy Mixon who is flirtatious with Pine and then haughty with Bridges who wants to take her $200 tip as evidence. Where the screenplay goes astray is when it delves into the why of the bank robberies and leaves the clever based dialogue.

The chemistry between older ‘black sheep’ brother Foster and the ‘baby’ Pine works from their first appearance to the end and Pine does clean up handsomely! The chemistry between Bridges and Birmingham is just as important between as it is between the brothers and all 4 pay off.

There is no ‘love interest’ per se but both Bowman and Mixon women steal the movie from the more ‘important’ roles of the men. After that hour and 15 minutes of the set up the last 27 minutes grabs you and will surprise the most avid movie goer.

“Hell and High Water” is a low keyed Western thriller cowboy movie  but that scene with Bowman is sure to remain in your herad long after the movie does. It is a classic segment that will probably be watched millions of times on Youtube!!

Movie trailer

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15th Street Fisheries June 4 2016 Collage

I’ve experienced much better–at this same restaurant!! A few years ago I use to be a regular for dinner but it has been awhile. A friend was celebrating a birthday and wanted to take us out for lunch and picked this place.

Obviously having a new owner and being out of season hasn’t hurt the restaurant as it was crowded. Not given a choice I wasn’t aware that upstairs was open as I would have preferred eating there instead of being put at a table where I was almost on top of the party behind us.

From the beginning I was happy to see that the service was excellent and Marie did a good job from beginning to end.

We all started off with a cup of conch chowder of which 3 were served in a cup and the 4th in a bowl with the reason being they ran out of cups!! Two in the party had the coconut fried shrimp and one the calamari  rings while I had the Joe’s sizzler skillet. It was suppose to be fish, shrimp and scallops with hearts of artichokes and tomatoes in a white wine sherry sauce. Where to start? I am still looking for a scallop though I did find 3 shrimp and there was plenty of fish and instead of a sauce it was a paste while there was nothing sizzling about it. I did enjoy the side of slaw. Let’s not even mention the 2 rolls(?) served on the side of the skillet. No one said anything pro or con on what they were eating.

For dessert one had the Key Lime pie and said the one at the Sea Watch was better while two of us had the triple chocolate brownie–I have no idea what the ‘triple’ was suppose to mean but even a scoop of ice cream didn’t help!

Were they serving the dinner menu upstairs? Would we have had a better meal? I have no idea.

Sitting where we were we had no view to speak of so the atmosphere was just that of sitting inside any restaurant.

The only saving grace was the service.

Bottom line? It may be a few years before I go back!



Yes I am free to come and go as I like, to go where I want when I want! Free to cruise around town, to spend money, to go to doctors when I want. FREE!!!!

From Monday August 15 at 6 PM until September Monday September 12 6:30 PM I have Allen’s car. First thing I did was book 11—yes, count them 11—doctor’s appointments. It is my yearly visit to specialists along with going to my primary for a complete blood workup. Also included this year is going to be evaluated for a finger prosthesis and possibly having it done.

Then aside from going to Allen’s place to check the condo and bring in the mail I have a list of things I need/want plus places I want to go to, animated films I want to see that Allen doesn’t like going to see.

Sure I’ll complain about spending too much money and, maybe, getting into trouble but instead of having to stay at home 5 out of 7 days—though I love where and how I live—I’ll be able to go to the park, down to the waterfront, special events going on around town and just enjoy the freedom of having a car again!

Ah! Free again!


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The most impressive part/performance of “Florence Foster Jenkins” is by Simon Helberg. Name doesn’t ring a bell? Picture in the poster and trailer look familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on who he is? How about if I said he plays Howard Holowitz in “The Big Bang Theory”? He really does a tremendous acting job, mainly with his face, in this film including a scene where he is on a crowded elevator trying not to laugh hysterically out loud–priceless–but not the only scene he is so impressive in.

Next impressive, and one of the best roles he has had in a long time, is Hugh Grant as St. Clair Bayfield, Florence’s husband but not married to her or ever having sex with her for 25 years. Florence pays for the rent on an apartment he keeps his girlfriend and where he basically lives. He is part of a conspiracy to keep Florence Foster Jenkins protecting her from the laughter of people for her horrible singing voice which she thinks is a voice of beauty. He provides her with stages of private concerts where only friends, people who won’t laugh at her or humiliate her as bad as she is. Along with her screeching, grating voice she overdresses in feathers, jewels, wings, tiaras and has no stage presence. When we meet her she has been getting away with this life for so long and believes so much in her own talent she decides to give a concert at Carnegie Hall.

Who to call on for a performance of Florence Foster Jenkins? No one but MerlyStreep who we know can sing, never seems to overdress in her public life, has a solid married family life and certainly is admired as an actress. Jenkins life really wasn’t an easy one starting with having to end a promising career as a concert pianist until she suffered an arm injury and couldn’t play with her left hand anymore. The fact that she got syphilis on her honeymoon night from her first husband and which may have caused the deterioration of her voice is briefly mentioned though there is no bridge from her leaving him to getting together with St. Clair except for a brief sentence. At one point her fatherdisinherited her until his death and them she had the money to fund her own club acquiring her followers with her love for Verdi.

I was sort of uncomfortable with the audience in the movie house laughing at this woman instead of feeling pity for what she and the people around her were putting her through. I cringed as she was allowed to put herself in positions to be laughed at by both audiences. Is it Streep’s failure? Director Stephen Frear and/or screenplay writer Nicholas Martin failure? The latter two set us up to laugh at Streep’s character and she doesn’t do anything to stop it. Simon Helberg makes you feel more for Jenkins than Streep does.

Nina Arianda, a flashy, platinum ‘dumb’ blonde type, as Agnes Stark, shows more empathy, sympathy and feeling for Florence than anyone else in the film does and Rebecca Ferguson as Grant’s other woman accepts him for who he is but doesn’t understand his relationship with Florence as neither did I.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Streep gets another Oscar nomination as it seems to be part of the result of her starring in any movie but if anyone deserves a nomination for “Florence Foster Jenkins” it is Simon Helberg as Best Supporting Actor. Also it is good to see Hugh Grant back in a movie that shows his multitalents including dancing a wild Lindy dance!

Movie Trailer

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