ON DEC 23 & DEC 24 I CHEATED DEATH—AGAIN!!!   Leave a comment

I have been taking coumadin–blood thinner—for 12 years since I had congestive heart failure and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation New Year’s weekend 1999-2000. In June 2009 I started to do the Philips blood level tests at home instead of going into the doctor’s office a few times a month and I didn’t have any problems with it. The readings are suppose to be between 2-3 but around 4 weeks they were 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.2 My doctor increased the dosage but it didn’t seem to help. On December15 he almost doubled the amount–instead of taking 5mg per day I was taking 10mg 4 times a week and 12.5mg 3 times. I do  my testing on Thursdays and when I took it December 22 it was still 1.4 I thought I would call the doc and tell him that I wanted to come in and take a test there but I was told he was on vacation until the following Tuesday so I decided I would wait until then. An hour or two later I noticed that parts of my body–tongue, thumb–were getting filled with blood. A couple of hours I noticed my computer chair was wet and to my surprise it was blood. My recliner, dining room chair and bed had blood on them. Making a long story short I called the doctor’s office and wrote a few people an e-mail about my bleeding and ALL insisted I call 911 but I know better (HA!) and said if I was still bleeding in the morning I would call 911. Making the story even shorter–blood was gushing out of my rectum and I was spitting out blood. 911 here I come and by 7:40 AM I was in the ER.


in the ER on the left–my private room on the right

I was not allowed food or water as they had to put plasma in my blood stream. Remember my level is suppose to be between 2-3 and it was 1.2 the day before? Well it was 10+ in the hospital. The bottom line is that I didn’t have anything to eat or drink for 40 hours, got plied with plasma and eventually it came down to 2.5.


The ER doctor said I was not to take coumadin again and that I should see my doctor and talk to him about the alternatives. Very strange, for me, but I didn’t sleep at all the whole time I was in the hospital. I didn’t know whether to go to sleep or eat when Allen arrived to take me home. I bought a couple of subs at Subways and went home, fell into bed and got up an hour later.

The next day being Christmas I went to our little get together on the breezeway. It being Monday and a legal holiday there was no way I could have gotten ahold of my doctor so I plan to call the office tomorrow, tell them to get copies of my hospital file and go see my doctor on Wednesday and see where we go from there.

I did e-mail Philip’s and Hemosense, the manufacturer and distributor of the testing machine. To my surprise I did get a response  a couple of hours later from the Hemosense company with a young lady asking me dozens of questions—I think trying to find something to blame the false readings on–didn’t work. I am not a suing person but I might in this case.

This is the letter I sent:


I need to talk to someone–I was in the hospital December 23 & 24 with coumadin poisoning–heavy rectal bleeding–due to wrong readings of machine for past month and my doctor basing dosages on those reports–on Dec.22 the machine said 1.6–by the time I went to hospital at 7 AM (because of bleeding) Dec.23 the level was at 10+—I was humiliated by having had to wear a diaper–couldn’t eat/drink for 40 hours–had blood all over my bed, clothes, etc. I have pictures (sadly after I washed a lot of the blood off the clothes) that will verify all the above.
No where in any of the material does it say anything about the company, at any time, checking machine or for machine to be returned for checking to verify working right–nor have I ever heard from woman, who came over to teach me how to use machine when I first got it, again.
Please have someone contact me!!!
Okay I dislike very long blogs and this is way too long at this point–I do suggest anyone taking coumadin read the following two sites:
I was closer to death than I knew and I must admit that if it wasn’t for the pressure from my friends (and the threat from Chuck in Memphis that he would call 911 and send them to me! ) I may not be writing this blog! I will keep you up to date on what’s happening and what my doctor says BUT don’t panic if I don’t post for a couple of days–see below!!!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Allen and I will be going to Miami to the opening of the road tour of “Million Dollar Quartet” and then Wednesday at 5:30 AM I will be taking him to the airport as he is going to visit his daughter and her twin sons–his grandchildren!!  SHHHHHHH—I will have his car for 19 days!!! Then, after seeing the doctor Wednesday afternoon Norman and I are going to the opening of “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” so I may not be posting again until Thursday or Friday and not because I am dead!!! :O)

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