AND WHAT DO YOU DO ON FRIDAYS?????   Leave a comment

And What Do You Do on Fridays????

(Got Allen off to the airport at 5:30
AM–came home and went to sleep–saw Doc at 1:30 PM then came home and
went to sleep and am now getting ready to pick up Norman and off for a bite to eat and then “Cirque Dreams Holidaze”–see review at this weekend or here next week
My life is so hardhow do I keep up with this pace?!?!?! LOL)



Allen usually swings by and picks me up around 1 PM–then it is off to the movies–

Gateway Theatre


or the AMC in Coral Ridge or The Riverfront downtown


Then it is a late lunch–usually at the Quarterdeck or Outback



and then, for a treat, Cold Stone Creamery right around the corner


Do you have anything better to do?!?!?!?


“A man’s feeling of good-will towards others

is the strongest magnet for drawing good-will

towards himself.”

Lord Chesterfield 1694-1773  English Statesman


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