This was my Christmas Cactus in 2010 and 2009–always bloomed just in time.

This year nothing–nada–nil–not a bloom!!! I probably should have repotted it into a larger pot and added fresh soil–oh well there is always next year!!!


Not all is lost–here it is December and for some reason my Heliconia has decided to bloom and it looks like 2 of them.


Also my vine outside on the walk after months of nothing came up with a bloom yesterday–looks like it will open tomorrow into a full pink bloom.


I added three twigs to the hibiscus pot but, so far, none have ‘taken’ though the original has a new bud–I never get tired of flowers.


Last, but not least, the twig I stuck in a pot about 6 months ago, is now blooming with yellow flowers every day–it just keeps giving


Every evening around sunset the birds–all kinds–come and roost on the wires until the sun disappears and our wild parrots are back!


“Well, what is a relationship? It’s about two people having

tremendous weaknesses and vulnerabilities, like we all do,

and one person being able to strengthen the other in their areas

of vulnerability. And vice versa. You need each other.

You complete each other, passion and romance aside.”

Jane Fonda 1937 American Actor

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