Nearing 50 Tom Cruise may have lost his ‘boyish charm’ but he still has that smile and a mature charm that gets to the audience. In “Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol” after being hit by 3-4 cars, jumping over a dozen, falling 5-10 flights of a garage, getting into numerous, almost unaccountable fights, both hitting and getting hit let alone running here, there and everywhere not to forget scaling the outside of the tallest building in the world, with his hair messed up a little, Cruise puts on a tux, walks into a party and is a STAR! His body is in great shape and I hope he doesn’t go overboard into Stallone territory!

“MI-4” is definitely an action film with more than just an emphasis on everyday action. This is hard core stuff and the director, Brad Bird, who previously directed animated films, brings that sense of fun and, yes, animation, here. The screenplay, written by Josh Applelbaum and Andre Nemec, brings laughter into a lot of the lines and action scenes.

Aiding and abetting Cruise are a fine group of supporting players from Paula Patton and Simon Pegg as his partners, with Michael Nyqvist as the main villain but the stand out is Jeremy Renner, who aside from his Oscar nominated and break out role in “The Hurt Locker”, shows he is ready to step into Cruise’s shoes as an actor and idol though the latter might not be quite ready to quit either role.

“Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol” is a mindless, enjoyable, lean back and relax action film.

I say ‘mindless’ because I never could follow what causes all the happenings and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I did enjoy this film but I can only take 2-3 of these a year!!

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