I left a rant comment on someones blog yesterday–I felt what they said was a personal slap against me though in no way was I mentioned/referred to. I have found people rant/attack me, and many others, because I am gay and/or not a christian (that is a small c because they certainly aren’t LOL) and/or, possibly a democrat. I can understand where they are coming from and, as a rule, won’t read, let alone comment on their blog but I did both in the past few days.

In 1972 I went through therapy and the first thing I learned was to get negative people out of my life and that helped tremendously in my getting ahead in life. In the past 6-8 years blogging I have been in 2 ‘war blogs’–what a waste of time that was!!!–and once in awhile have been negative to bloggers who proclaim their was is the only way whether it be defaming someone because their political beliefs are different or because they weren’t Muslim, Christian, Republican or like them.

I have noticed that I have very little patience lately and lash out at people who attack me and/or others. I am gay but that doesn’t mean I expect the whole world or someone who isn’t to be gay. Now I may think heterosexuality is ‘wrong’ but I am not attacking you if you are one and I see no reason why anyone is attacked for their homosexuality. Okay you don’t believe in it, you think it is a choice, you think it is responsible for your divorce, your religion is against it but why go out of your way to post a blog that just might turn the corner for a teenager who already has been put down by those who know him and is now being put down by someone who doesn’t?

Nowhere will you see that I have stated I am a Democrat–I may have said I was a ‘bleeding heart liberal’ but is spite of what some people think it is not the same thing. In any case I have read rude, crude posts about how disgusting the POTUS and/or his wife is or posts on how only certain people, who believe like they do, are the only ‘true’ Americans and then will comment on my post saying how nice I am, etc. To me that is being two faced–you can’t call me names on one page and then ‘sweet’ talk me on another.

Sorry you are your politics so don’t tell me you can like me in spite of mine–you won’t, you don’t.

There is one blogger who knows she knows everything about religion along with related subjects and knows everything about the constitution–that she knows what the men who put it together were thinking–there is another blogger who posted a blog stating it as truth, based on one report, without researching the subject or putting it in perspective. Then there is the infamous C & P blogger who never follows through and will never disagree with their ‘false’ g-ds (politicians.) There are bloggers who TELL me I choose being gay but they never state when they made the decision to be nongay. There are the ones who insult every single parent by saying that the only way to bring up a child is with a mother and father when MANY reports show that single parents can and do a great job as do same sex parents.

I stay away from them as much as I can but every once in awhile they post something that is so outrageous, so stupid, so unbelievable that I get caught up in it and respond. By doing that I get sucked in by negative people and start acting negative myself.

Since my near death experience during the holidays I find myself with very little tolerance, patience or understanding for those who attack others and their beliefs whether religious, political, sexual or even to do with weight. A thin person telling a fat person what to do is infuriating because they have no idea the mental process the fat person is dealing with and/or going through just as the young person has not dealt with life long enough to make black and white statements against old people.

Except, in fun, I try not to be negative with people–yes, I am sarcastic and that is hard to indicate in a post or a comment–and I like fun people.

There was/is a blogger who I told everyone to read–they were funny, informative–we got along great and then, for whatever reason–his religion?–he attacked me for being gay. There was another blogger who was doing something monumental and I kept encouraging them, wishing them ‘break a leg’, many positive comments about what they were embarking on–never a single acknowledgement from that person–I bet they wonder why I have ignored them for so long now.

I have to get back to the 24/7 positive person I was/really am/and can still be which means avoiding reading certain bloggers, deleting any comments they leave on my blogs and getting into the trap of negativity.

I am not a very forgiving person as I feel if you have betrayed me once you will betray me a second time and betrayals take in many forms–it may sound corny, that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ but one should not say/write and/or do something they will feel they have to apologize for–spontaneity is great but rudeness isn’t–the person who helps someone commit a crime is as guilty as the one who commits it!


February 29th is special…

It’s the reason that a season comes at the same time every year.

If you’re born on Leap Day… Welcome Home!

Just 48 days to our next birthday!

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