January 5, 2012

Allen came back on Sunday so I no longer have a car and am once again a prisoner at/of Gateway but I would rather have my friend back, and here, than a car–though I will put the latter, with the insurance paid for a year, on my birthday wish list!!

On January 21, 1981 I had my last taste of alcohol–a lot led up to it, including blackouts, but something happened that evening/morning, 20-21 , that made me say, “No more.” After 33 years of drinking, trying to act sophisticated, older, to be part of the ‘in’ crowd, going to bars to cruise–we didn’t have the Internet for ‘dating’ back then in the Ice Age–getting into impossible situations, traveling to South America, spending thousands of dollars on parties and not remembering a thing, losing control, one too many ‘incidents’ I gave the booze up and have not had a taste of it since then. I won’t order Coq Au Vin or any dish made with wine–yes, I know it ‘evaporates’ during cooking but I also know how I think. To a certain degree I still miss it–at a ‘better’ restaurant I still want to order that drink before dinner–Johnny Walker Black on the rocks unless you are paying then it will be aHaigand Haig Pinch!! LOL Instead I’ll order a cup of coffee and I forget all about the alcohol.

Funny, or is it?, but I hate being around drinkers! They all sound so stupid and repeat everything 10 times, besides not being a drinker I am automatically the ‘designated’ driver! Though I stopped smoking on July 21, 2008 (something about that number 21 LOL) being around smokers doesn’t bother me at all, including the smell of smoke and this from a 3 pack a day smoker!

It was 8, I think–I am sure one of my ‘followers’ will correct me if I am wrong–years ago I started blogging and you can blame that on Chuck because a few years before that he sent me his old computer to start getting into the modern world and now I am all over the place, posting blogs at 9 different sites, writing reviews for corinescorner, participating in, checking in every day, and commenting on, talkinbroadway, gay travelers network, etc.

More than once I have been accused of being passive/aggresive on blogs and just a brief explanation–what good does it do, what does it accomplish to directly face/challange a person on  a blog? They aren’t going to change, they will still lie, threaten, post private messages, put down gays and/or anyone who is different than they are or think different. Instead of saying “You are an idiot,” I would rather say ‘they are an idiot” and if the shoe fits wear it, if not that would end someone wanting to start, continue, a blog war which I don’t think anyone comes here to get involved in. I do try (try means failure) to stay out of blogs dealing with religion and/or politics and in most cases I will not respond to anti-gay remarks, comments, blogs but I will, once in awhile, answer and let it go on when I would be better off ignoring ridiculous remarks.

I have had 5 ‘blog wars’, all on one blogging web site, with individuals–2 are gone, one has mainly stopped blogging and one ignores me as I ignore them (there you go again Martin–being passive/aggressive LOL) but the 5th can’t stay away from me–always reading me!  :O)

I did want to get into trusting people and a fairly negative time I had recently but as it is this blog is already too long–I will be back!


“The universe is transformation.

Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Marcus Aurelius  121-180 AD  Roman Emperor and Philosopher


February 29th is special…

It’s the reason that a season comes at the same time every year.

If you’re born on Leap Day… Welcome Home!


Just 42 days to our next birthday!

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