With a title for a film that stumbles, if remembered, out of the mouth, deceptive advertising, sitting through a numbing two hours to get to an ending that would defy logic seeing it a second time and a child actor making his debut in a role that should carry the film but he is not up to the job “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” fails. To a certain extent the picture is almost saved by the photography of a bright and shiny New York.

The deceptive advertising comes in with letting the public think it is a Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock movie with only their names above the title when Hanks role is basically a cameo and though Bullock will get the tear ducts flowing where necessary she is not really a major player in the film.

Thomas Horn, who got his role through being a winner on Jeopardy, gives a mighty try but playing Oskar, the son of Hanks and Bullock, a complex role, is just a bit too much for this novice. Stephen Daldry, the director, got a 5 star performance from Jamie Bell as Billy Elliot in the film of that name but just doesn’t seem to be able to get Horn to show the emotional side of a child in a lot of pain.

Max von Sydow, Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Caldwell do the professional job you expect of all of them, especially Sydow playing a mute boarder while John Goodman does a cameo, without above the title billing, as a doorman.

Being a fan of Hanks, Bullock and ‘weepers’, I may have gone into “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” with hopes too high but the film didn’t even come close to satisfying them.


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