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Yes, it is going to take a month or two or five for me to recover from seeing Donna McKechnie so while I catch my breath let me touch on a few other subjects.


On Friday, after the movie, Robert, Allen and I went down to Lulu’s Shack on the beach where you always see interesting sites/sights such as;


Is this a man or a woman? We are still trying to figure it out!

We ‘discovered’ a neighborhood restaurant, which I will review in the future, called The Cafe Vico and along with this discovery we found this small sanctuary behind it:


I love finding all these little hidden in the open places around the city just as finding these different people walking around: (recognize the guy???)


I started to raise an avocado plant from a pit and will take a picture every week showing progress–actually I’ve started three.



As most of you know I love where I live and every once in awhile I take pictures– the ones above were taken Friday night at 11 PM–wish I had a good enough camera to show how beautiful it looks outside at night!


Whew! Was nervous but finally got my invitation to see “Billy Elliot–the Musical” for my birthday on Wednesday February 29.





Downtown on the Riverfront and the restaurant across the canal

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