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With the thought that after seeing “Billy Elliot–the Musical” the mad rush, the non-stop running around, that another Leap Year birthday would come to an end and I would have 4 years to recover and get ready for the one in 1216 when I would finally reach 20 I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn’t finished yet!

I had mentioned–a few times–who ever said I was subtle?–that I would like to see Kathleen Turner at the Parker Playhouse in the play “High”.  Over Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory Allen handed me 2 tickets to the show for Friday night. (Guess I’ll have to take him! LOL)

When I got home, after “Billy Elliot”, I found a big box marked “WORLD’S BEST CARROT CAKE” on my doorstep and today more birthday cards, deviled eggs made for me by Poochie and gifts from Bill and Laura. Will this being going on until February 29, 2016?


I must admit that getting old is not easy nor is it a ‘state of mind’ or ‘just a number’–it is exhausting!!!! Tomorrow my 19th birthday will officially be over but before that it will be a “ARTS EVENING” starting with watching the episode of “Revenge” we missed last night–hey, I am the birthday boy and I like the show.

Then we will be going to see the Oscar winner of best foreign film “Separation” and after that “High”.

By the way if anyone is interested I did get back on my diet this morning.


I do apologize to everyone for getting behind in responses but then I have gotten behind in paying bills, among other things. I plan to do all my catching up this weekend, including sleep!

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