This weekend Fort Lauderdale celebrated its 35th Gay Pride Festival at, in and around the War Memorial auditorium–these are just some of the pictures.

No, no, that’s not me–besides you are suppose to be looking at the car!!

This is in front of the auditorium saluting men who served in WW2 many who were gay and are heroes as are those who are named on the AIDS

Memorial Quilt saluting those who have died in that ongoing war.


Inside the auditorium




Outside the auditorium



What’s a Gay Pride Festival without bears, skimpy swim suits, impressive backs and drag queens?  They were all here.

Someday I will have to write a blog about this kid who left a $5 tip on a $120 haircut and adding insult he worked for tips as a stripper/dancer!!!


A cowboy, a horse and food courts–what more do you want?


A perfect day with perfect weather–sun, blue skies, warm temperatures with a breeze and happy people all around–booths of every kind from arts and crafts to politicians running for election, pet adoptations, help for abused children not to forget so many happy gay parents with their happy children in strollers walking around, showing off, adding joy to a well deserved show of Gay People.

Ooops! How did that car picture get in there again???

See you there next year!

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