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In 1975 I drove up to Chicago from Memphis on my way to Duluth. While I was there I decided to go to the Chicago Museum and after taking a ride through a coal mine replica I stopped to have my portrait sketched by a computer!!! The result is above but if you look closely at the bottom 2 pictures you will see the whole ‘portrait’ is made from font characters




It is now 37 years later and I still look at it in amazement. I didn’t know how it was made then and I still have no idea how it was done!


“Can you imagine

what you would do

if you could do

all that you can.”

Sun Tzu

(Maria’s cards)

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AIR SHOW & BBQ APRIL 28 2012   Leave a comment

I took 10 video clips running from 12 seconds to 42 seconds–unfortunately it was a very cloudy day not to mention the planes went to fast and wouldn’t slow down for me so I didn’t get too many actual shots–okay, okay so I got one clip of a couple of the planes (see

airshow april28 2012 1   

I did get some interesting things here and there while video taping and I also learned a few things like I don’t know how to rename clips or add what’s in them once I have downloaded them!!

airshow manatee

This one if you look at the bottom of the screen at the 11 second mark you will see very briefly a manatee swimming by–I should have trained my camera on her but I was too busy trying to get some plane shots.

Also on the clip, plus a couple of others, someone has in vented a new ‘ride’ that he is trying to sell–you put a jet pack on your back which is attached to the boat and it propels you into the air and you just go along above the water.

airshow precious

Precious, is what she is called but that isn’t her name, has been here since she was a couple of months old–her owner died last year and one of the neighbors took her over–I think she is about 8-9 years old now–I did give the ‘lady’ her privacy–she was about to poop!

airshow point 5

Always seeing something new on the water–kayaks are not new but I never saw ‘fancy’ ones like with umbrellas!

airshow bbq 2

Before and during the air show the resident’s committee offered an all you can eat bbq for $5–since I had just finished breakfast I didn’t partake–everyone raved about the food–now Romney make have an elevator for his cars but he has nothing on senior citizens–in case you didn’t know it the latest ‘in’ thing is motorized wheelchairs and it seems like everyone here is getting one–if you haven’t seen them there are a couple in this clip–people use them to go shopping!!!

For these clips and the rest of them just go to:

Not that my ego needs it but how about subscribing to my YouTube page if you haven’t yet and you will be notified when I post a video clip or two–and, by the way, gladly will take any constructive criticism

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It is said that you should never hit a person when they are down and I am not sure if the same applies to a movie so I will be short.Dasmels in Distress” will definitely be on my list of the year’s worst films if not #1.

The director doesn’t direct his actors how to talk, walk or how to get a scene across. I would like to think it was a generational gap but from the first shot you want to slap the leading actress. Oh yes the film was written and directed by the same person and I don’t think the director talked to the writer.

It was good seeing Adam Brody on the large screen and of the rest of the cast only Megalyn Echikunwoke impressed me.

Put this on your ‘must not see’ list.

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How NOT to make a video!!!   Leave a comment

I’ll make this as short as I can but that will still be long. As most of you know I accidentally hit a button the other day and discovered that I could make videos with my Sony digital camera. I posted 5 of them on YouTube. Yesterday I decided to experiment and see how long a video I could make. I started it leaving my apartment and showing some sights around Gateway until I got to The Point. A few neighbors were there including a couple with their dogs.

Without getting into it there were 3 guys discussing Treyver Martin, the Gateway administration and a few other things that I am sure they wouldn’t want overheard! Also every once in awhile a plane practicing for the air show this weekend went zooming over and I tried getting a shot without too much luck.

By the time the tape was over I had recorded 27 minutes. I went home to download it and I must admit I was shocked by seeing that it would take over 800 minutes to download the tape!!! I immediately e-mailed my guru Chuck and he explained why but I couldn’t believe it. In any case by the time I was ready to go to sleep it was still downloading so I left it as it was.

The first thing I saw in the morning when I looked at the Internet monitor I saw the following message:

This video is unavailable

This video has been removed because it is too long.
Sorry about that.


Chuck directed me to Start>programs>Windows Movie Maker   I played around with that for a bit and was able to ‘split’ the video into sections but couldn’t download or send them.

By the way, that’s another story–I tried to e-mail the video via my yahoo account and they said it was too big but I could if I got a ‘sendit’ which of cost would cost money.

I decided to take Chuck’s advice and not make anymore 27 minute videos. I am going back to 2 minutes or less, which is what I did today when Allen and I went to BurgerI for lunch–I hope you will take a look at the videos I have posted so far, leave a comment and, hey, why not subscribe to my YouTube site? Just go to:

“You were born with wings.”
(From Maria’s cards)

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ABUSER–ABUSED—WHY?   Leave a comment

I am skating on thin ice here dealing with a subject I know very little about. This blog may not be politically correct but I have no intentions to put anyone down so I am asking questions, seeking answers and understanding. All I know about the subject are films I have seen, blogs I have read and what I have read in the news.

The only incident I have had with physical abuse was one evening when a lover slapped me—it was immediately the end of our relationship.

I am aware that there is child abuse, man on woman abuse, woman on man abuse, man to man abuse, woman to woman abuse and any other couplings you can come up with—what I don’t understand is why someone would stay in an abusive relationship.

Because there are children??? Doesn’t the abused know the abuser, in all probability, will abuse the children and, at the least, set them up to be abusers? Doesn’t the abused person know it will only get worse?

Economics??? Instead of broken arms, legs, possible death, wouldn’t the abused be better off living in poverty??

Negative attention is better than no attention at all??? Physical, mental, emotional abuse is better than nothing??

Low self-esteem? “But he/she really loves me. It must be something I am doing wrong.” “I can’t do any better. I am not worthy of any better.” If he/she loved you would they be abusing you?

I can honestly say that I can find no reason for an adult to stay in an abusive relationship when they are the ones being abused.

Okay, here may be a very politically incorrect question. When a person does get out of an abusive relationship why do they have to keep on ‘whining’, talking about and blaming everything they do and that happens to them after the relationship is over on the abuse? Is it that they didn’t go through recovery? That they can get sympathy by saying, “Poor little me.”? When do they put their past behind them and get on with their life?

To a certain extent I guess I can understand some of the motivation of the abuser. It gives them a feeling of power/control of another human being. They feel fear of them will make them loved. They were taught to abuse others to get what they want/need. Being so imperfect themselves they want the other person to love them in spite of the imperfections, to show that they are worthy to be loved. They can only feel emotions when abusing someone else.

What does an abuser get out of abusing a child? Abusing someone not as strong physically as they are? What kind of power can/do they feel?

What I am trying to understand is why a person would allow themselves to be abused and why a person feels they must abuse?

I really would like to get some insight into this whole topic and would appreciate any feed back—if you would prefer not to answer in a public forum like this please feel free to e-mail me at

(This is a repeat of a blog I posted in 2007–something happened last week that made me think of it again and still looking for answers.)


“Reflect upon

your present blesings

of which everyone has many.”

Charles Dickens

(From Maria’s cards)

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If you look up the word ‘romantic’ in the dictionary you would see my picture! I am reading a nonfiction book–will review it when I am finished-and was caught up short near the beginning.

Let me set the scene–a couple who were beginning  for what would turn out to be a 54, and still counting, year relationship found a country home which they bought. The first evening they spent there they slept in separate bedrooms and, if I remember correctly, on the floor. This is a place they were looking for that would be their first home, not ‘yours’, not ‘mine’ but “Ours”!

I can’t fathom people in love, under these circumstances, not spending their first night together holding each other and sharing what has to be an exciting experience. I am about half way through the book and I don’t know if they have slept in separate bedrooms all their years together because so far there isn’t another mention of their sleeping arrangements.

I don’t care if you have been together 6 months or 60 years, whether you sleep together or in separate beds/bedrooms now but I am interested what you would have done, maybe did, under the same circumstances.

By the way there wasn’t anything keeping them from sleeping together.

Hey, maybe that’s why I wasn’t in a 54 years relationship–I slept with my partners!!



is one of the

greatest arts of



(From Maria’s Cards)

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As you know I started to make videos for the first time yesterday and wasn’t exactly too pleased with them–made another one today that I would like to edit but don’t know if I am ready for that (too see it–if you haven’t prescribed to my YouTube site yet–and if not why not?!?!?  LOL  go to )

I found a new button on the camera today and not know what it was for I clicked on it and got a window saying ‘panorama’ so I took a few pictures using that setting– only problem I am having is figuring out how to resize the pictures so you can see the view. Above is a normal picture–here are 2 of the same site only in panorama view plus 6 others I took–anyone who can give me hints I am listening–or I may be forced to read the manual and wouldn’t understand a thing!!


These 2 are down by the Point–2 different sizes

These are my apartment 4 pictures–2 different views–2 different sizes

All and any comments, suggestions, hints really appreciated.


“We are born to love.

It is the principle

of existance,

and its only end.”

Benjamin Disraeli

(From Maria’s cards)


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We never find out what happened to Cyril’s mother but we do know his father doesn’t want him and also sold his bike which Cyril gets back along with the foster mother he finds in a doctor’s office. It only takes the first 20 minutes of this 88 minute film to find that out along with the fact that he lives in a foster home. Along with watching Cyril ride his bike at all kinds of speeds in all kinds of directions plus very intrusive bars of Beethoven we watch him become involved with all sorts of situations that in an American film would have sent “The Kid With A Bike” in a completely different direction than this French film goes.

When Samantha, played by Cecile de France, the woman who becomes Cyril’s (Thomas Doret) weekend foster mom, is asked by her boyfriend to choose between him and Cyril she chooses the latter. Cyril is befriended by Wes (Egon de Mateo) a drug dealer and thief who comes from the same foster home who seems to be leading Cyril in an additional direction besides becoming a robber.

Will Samantha make everything right? Will she love, hold on to, Cyril enough to turn him away from he life Wes seems to be taking him? Will Cyril get his father back? Will get on his bike and go in the right direction? That last question isn’t as crazy as it sounds because a lot is not explained in this film including who Cyril is and what he wants or needs except his father and bike.

Cecile de France gives a warm performance who slowly brings the boy into a circle of love while Thomas Doret goes through the film mainly looking angry. Jeremie Renier has the small but tough role of a man who feels he has no choice but to give his son up. Egon de Mateo is scary as the drug dealer who leads Cyril astray and into a tough spot.

The co-directors, and co-writers, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne didn’t seem, to me, to know what to do except give Doret more reasons not to be loved and, yet, let him be loved more and more while whenever they didn’t know what to do they put him on a bike and had him ride around.

Meta critics gave this an 87% rating while Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it 96%. I just finished reading the New York Times review which brings a whole religious aspect to it. I very seldom ever read reviews before I see a film and after reading these reviews I wonder if I saw the same film, did all the themes go over my head or did I just not get it?

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4 NEW VIDEOS–30-50 SECONDS EACH   Leave a comment

My latest videos–the first 3 are of my favorite theatre  The Gateway and the 4th is walking home from the theatre—have a lot to learn but I will invite you to the opening of my first feature film!=)) rolling on the floor
You don’t have to look at them:D big grin

gateway theatre 1.AVI



gateway theatre 2.AVI


gateway theatre 3.AVI

Alert icon

19th ave april 23 2012.AVI

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I found a new ‘toy’–for the first time ever I made a video with my digital camera–after downloading it and looking at it I see that I made most beginners mistakes but it is a start. I should have narrated as I went along–OMG! I may have to check out the manual!!! LOL

In any case check out my first effort–I am in the process of downloading the second one which only confuses me as it can’t be more than 2 minutes if that long and yet it is saying ‘122 minutes to finish downloading’!!!–do you good deed and hit the ‘like’ plus leave a good comment and I promise I won’t start going crazy making videos every day.

first one  

second one   

In any case I did take a walk around the place taking pictures. After a heavy rain last night and a couple of light showers today we are back to our beautiful sunshine, along with a cool breeze–perfect South Florida weather.

This is a guy from New Zealand who is now docked with us and he was fly fishing. We did talk about NZ awhile and how much I loved it. Darn it! Can’t remember his name!!!




We were suppose to have a heavy hurricane like storm so they picked up all the chairs at the point–I knew better and didn’t bring in my plants so they got a good watering!


Oh, oh–now that I am going to become a famous director/producer I will never get rid of my stalker!!


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