The first time I went to The Ark was in 1979–I remember a big wheel of cheese on the salad bar–I loved their Lion Cut of Prime Ribs–32 ounces on the bone–shortly after they started serving the bones as an early bird special!!!

I don’t remember when they switched from an excellent menu to a buffet–“The Captain’s Table”–but I had my “Sweet 16” Leap Year party there in 2000 and everything went well–I went there twice after and that was it.

Using one of those “Pay $25 get $50 of food” coupons on the Internet  I decided to give it a try–even though the total including tip came to $45 I was really disappointed in how far downhill The Ark has come–the buffet, at $24.99, is sad looking and tasting.
Knowing I HATE thin slices of roast beef I asked for a thick slice and was told, very rudely, by the woman slicing the beef that I would have to come back, so I did– 3 times!  The pizza was dry, the shrimp loaded with breading, the fish on a stick inedible and the other dishes weren’t much to talk about. The banana bread was disappointing though they still have the walnut and strawberry butter.


Don’t know what to say about the desserts—I took one of each and there was a lot of variety but most were left on my plate–not that I couldn’t eat them because of not being hungry but because they were tasteless. The rice pudding, flan, chocolate cake, cookies define bland. Luckily the ice cream–like the rest of the food–came from an outside dealer so it was okay.


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