I found a new ‘toy’–for the first time ever I made a video with my digital camera–after downloading it and looking at it I see that I made most beginners mistakes but it is a start. I should have narrated as I went along–OMG! I may have to check out the manual!!! LOL

In any case check out my first effort–I am in the process of downloading the second one which only confuses me as it can’t be more than 2 minutes if that long and yet it is saying ‘122 minutes to finish downloading’!!!–do you good deed and hit the ‘like’ plus leave a good comment and I promise I won’t start going crazy making videos every day.

first one


second one


In any case I did take a walk around the place taking pictures. After a heavy rain last night and a couple of light showers today we are back to our beautiful sunshine, along with a cool breeze–perfect South Florida weather.

This is a guy from New Zealand who is now docked with us and he was fly fishing. We did talk about NZ awhile and how much I loved it. Darn it! Can’t remember his name!!!




We were suppose to have a heavy hurricane like storm so they picked up all the chairs at the point–I knew better and didn’t bring in my plants so they got a good watering!


Oh, oh–now that I am going to become a famous director/producer I will never get rid of my stalker!!


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