As you know I started to make videos for the first time yesterday and wasn’t exactly too pleased with them–made another one today that I would like to edit but don’t know if I am ready for that (too see it–if you haven’t prescribed to my YouTube site yet–and if not why not?!?!?  LOL  go to )

I found a new button on the camera today and not know what it was for I clicked on it and got a window saying ‘panorama’ so I took a few pictures using that setting– only problem I am having is figuring out how to resize the pictures so you can see the view. Above is a normal picture–here are 2 of the same site only in panorama view plus 6 others I took–anyone who can give me hints I am listening–or I may be forced to read the manual and wouldn’t understand a thing!!


These 2 are down by the Point–2 different sizes

These are my apartment 4 pictures–2 different views–2 different sizes

All and any comments, suggestions, hints really appreciated.


“We are born to love.

It is the principle

of existance,

and its only end.”

Benjamin Disraeli

(From Maria’s cards)


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