If you look up the word ‘romantic’ in the dictionary you would see my picture! I am reading a nonfiction book–will review it when I am finished-and was caught up short near the beginning.

Let me set the scene–a couple who were beginning  for what would turn out to be a 54, and still counting, year relationship found a country home which they bought. The first evening they spent there they slept in separate bedrooms and, if I remember correctly, on the floor. This is a place they were looking for that would be their first home, not ‘yours’, not ‘mine’ but “Ours”!

I can’t fathom people in love, under these circumstances, not spending their first night together holding each other and sharing what has to be an exciting experience. I am about half way through the book and I don’t know if they have slept in separate bedrooms all their years together because so far there isn’t another mention of their sleeping arrangements.

I don’t care if you have been together 6 months or 60 years, whether you sleep together or in separate beds/bedrooms now but I am interested what you would have done, maybe did, under the same circumstances.

By the way there wasn’t anything keeping them from sleeping together.

Hey, maybe that’s why I wasn’t in a 54 years relationship–I slept with my partners!!



is one of the

greatest arts of



(From Maria’s Cards)

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