Everyone deserves to spoil themselves once in awhile–okay, okay, so I do it more than once in awhile–and today I did a few of my favorite things and high on the list was first. I discovered the Cafe Vico, not too far from where I live, during my birthday celebration. I got a ‘pay $25 for $50 worth of food’ from Groupon and so Allen and I went there for lunch. We had the pasta fagioli soup, rolls with a oil and garlic dip and the Linguini Pescatore, Allen having it in the marinara sauce while I had it in the garlic and oil–you still don’t want me breathing on you 6-7 hours later! For dessert he had blueberry creambule and I had carrot cake. What a good meal!Then off to the Dollar Tree and Supermarket–it’s a lie that you don’t buy as much on a full stomach!


Let me start off with the picture of the avocado plant. I gave it to my neighbor who planted it next to the library–come on over in 7-8 years and pick an avocado!

I walk into the Home Depot and my feet automatically go into the plant department–they always seem to have something ‘different–and there waiting for me was a Siam tulip–have you ever heard of it? I haven’t and then having to choose between 3 colors drove me crazy. I want them all!!! Though it isn’t a good picture I eventually decided on the pink one. Also got a couple of Vincas and a PurslaneĀ  to put in my big pot!


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