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Men, when you go to this movie make sure a lot of women are in the audience as you will enjoy watching them from their reaction to seeing Magic Mike’s (Channing Tatum ) bare butt for the first time to the moment it shows a man using a pump to enlarge his penis. You will also need the ladies to explain a lot of things you thought you knew about sex and you thought they didn’t know.


The main difference between this film and the thousands that have come out of Hollywood is that this one is the role reversal. Based upon Tatum’s being a stripper at the age of 18 instead of the country girl coming to the big city and find success, only to get involved with drugs and gangsters, here we have Adam (Alex Pettyfer) dropping out of school, coming to Tampa and sleeping on his sister Brooke’s (Cody Horn) couch. He comes under the wing of the stripper with the heart of gold, Magic Mike, who he meets on a roofing job where he doesn’t know how to do the job. Magic Mike is a go-getter who is the star stripper at the Club Xquisite who wants to open a hand made furniture business. He takes Adam under his wing, brings him to the club which Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) owns and is planning  to move the whole operation to Miami offering Magic Mike a cut of the business. Adam isthrown on the stage, is a hit with the women, likes the money he makes, gets into pills and finds himself owing $10,000 for drugs he was suppose to sell.

The actors, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez bring all the right moves to the stripping numbers and while there are no surprises in the movie, well, maybe, except for male strippers, the breakout star is Cody Horn while Alex Pettyfer, as her brother, needs a few more roles to have any heft as an actor but he does excel in the Club numbers.

Ten years ago McConaughey would have been in the Tatum role but he still can put the ‘kids’ to shame though his face is showing the years. He obviously relishes his role and he knows how to shake, and show, that booty which got the women in the movie house whistling, laughing and hooting.

Tatum certainly defines the term of hunk plus has that impish smile and certainly knows how to dance. He gets more comfortable with each additional movie he takes on.

Director Steven Soderbergh lets the actors loose keeping enough of a reign on them while the screenplay by Reid Carolin introduces a lot of homosexual moves but doesn’t follow through, which might have added a much needed surprise to the movie.

I don’t know if the ladies, or the gay men, who come to see this movie for the strip scenes will think it is worth sitting through a 110 minute movie but all the men will keep on laughing listening to the reactions and laughter of the women along with a few of the comments they direct at the screen.

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