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1) IMO I find most, not all, Republican women bloggers are very sick physically, some at the edge of death. Does one thing have to do with another? Karma? They seem so bitter about so many things. A lot of us have had a hard life but we aren’t so hard on others. Again this is MY opinion.

2) Why don’t ‘political’ posters have a sense of humor? Why are they always so rude, crude and angry?

3) On to more pleasant subjects–I apologize that I don’t remember who posted this information (sherabella)? but they suggested I look into genesis.com and I not only found it fascinating but an answer I have been looking for–I will write a post about it one day but if you are alone–no partner or family–possibly poor– this is a perfect answer for ‘the end’. My ‘heirs’ will be relieved to know all they will be getting are my bills and not any last minute expenses.

4) I blog on about 8-9 sites and it is sad when a good poster leaves and one is leaving because of the “angry and hate filled people” who blog on one of the sites. Hope you come back soon winning. The ‘bullies’ win again. Folks don’t ever let anyone chase you away from what you want to say.

5) As some of you know I LOVE the stage production of “A Chorus Line” and have seen over 100 productions from New York City to Dallas to Atlanta to Miami and, sadly the composer Marvin Hamlisch died this week. The only ‘upside’ of his death was that most TV and Internet reports showed a clip from “ACL”.

6) I’ve been having a lot of fun with picmonkey.com if you have noticed my last couple of pictures plus they are great for making collages. I am also playing with photobucket but it is a little harder.

7) For those who asked, thank you–the dermatologist called me to tell me the mole was benign.

8) As usual, it being Thursday, Allen came over and we went for lunch plus he also took me to The Dollar Tree, Winn-Dixie, Home Depot, Publix, CVS, the post office, The Pantry, the cleaners to pick up my shirts–a busy, expensive, fun afternoon.

9) I learned a long time ago that if you want traffic on your blog site visit and comment on others. I find that to be true on some sites and not on others and then there is one site where I got 40 comments from one guy today–he waited a month to comment on my blogs–I had to tell him please don’t do that again–it takes up too much time just to open 40 e-mail notifications!!! LOL

10) Not that I am in a rut but Friday means movie day–choices are: “The Campaign”–Will Ferrell in another movie with crude, rude, penis jokes–I don’t think so–“Hope Springs”–I am not a Meryl Streep fan but I do like Tommy Lee Jones–“Bourne Legacy”–have I had my fill of ‘summer’ movies with car chases, special effects, fights?–“Ruby Sparks”–a ‘small art’ film where an author brings his heroine to real life–WHAT DO YOU VOTE FOR?????

11) Back to politics–am I the only one to find spending $33 mil on a Senate seat in Missouri to be obscene? And $175 Mil to BUY the White House? I’d say let’s limit the amount of money all candidates spend but we can’t even get term limits or Congress perks cut!!!

12) I wonder how much candidates for various offices spend, say, in Australia, England, etc.? And do your elections run for 2-3 years with TV, newspaper, magazine ads??

13) I don’t always eat at fancy places–for instance we had lunch at Boston Market today–but more about that over the weekend!




                                                               Mae West


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