Issac has had a strange pattern–though you can’t see it in the pictures we would have a very heavy rain, so thick you couldn’t see your hand in front of you, for about 10 minutes and then all will be quiet for 30-40 minutes .


“Hurricane warning dropped for tropical storm warning. Winds will be around 60 miles per hour sometimes gusting to 70 mph. (Right now we are having 29 mph winds.) Looks like it will miss Tampa and head for New Orleans. Better conditions coming earlier than expected. Tomorrow looks like it will be a regular summer day in South Florida with it being clear and warm during the day and showers or storms in the evening or night. It will take Key West a little longer to clear up as Issac bands will be hitting it all night. Tornado watch expired.”

Here and there you will see a tree down but so far nothing major at Gateway. They did lock down everything they could–chairs, benches, garbage cans, smoking area ash trays, sun umbrellas–including the elevators are not running. They put a lot of records, filing cabinets, papers in them—could you think of a better ‘safe’?

Right now all is quiet but you know in 20-30 minutes the wind and rain will pick up and start rattling things. I just hope the electricity stays on and I am taking a chance by not posting this now and waiting until ‘my posting time’ 9 PM. There have been outages in Miami-Dade, West Palm with a few here in Broward but so far it has been good.



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