Legally, paperwork wise, I am ready to die–not that I will so stop applauding and cheering! The only thing I hadn’t prepared was what would happen to my body after I died. I would, jokingly (?), say just throw my body over the fence into the bay but the reality is that some sort of plan has to be made. As far as I know my brother wouldn’t be legally obligated to provide for my burial but even if he was I didn’t think that was fair. I don’t know if there are still  Potter Fields, though according to wikipedia, which names a few places, they still exist. (For those not familiar with the term the definition is: potter’s field or common grave is an American term for a place for the burial of unknown or indigentpeople–from wikipedia.)

I really haven’t given it much thought but I know I didn’t want my ‘heirs’–heck I’m leaving them my bill, what else do they want? LOL–to get stuck for burying me. Don’t know if you have checked into it but funerals, whether burial or cremation, are not cheap. I certainly fall into the indigent category having just enough money to get from one month to the next time and many times being short until the 3rd when I get my SS check.

Sometime in the past 2 weeks I was reading a blog–I believe it was either Sherabella’s post or she had it in a comment–where genesis.com was mentioned. Let me just say that I had looked into donating my body to, I believe, the University of Miami but I was rejected! OMG! MY BODY WAS REJECTED!! That was the first time that ever happened–their loss! LOL

In any case I checked out genesis.com and I read the following in the application form: “I understand that it will be the responsibility of the MERI (Medical Education & Research Institute of Genesis)  to arrange for the removal, preparation, transportation, biomedical studies on and final disposition of my remains, at no cost to me. Any fees related to the above will be paid by the MERI to the funeral home and/or service firm(s) involved.”

I filled out all the papers, sent them out and on August 21 I received a letter tellign me that I was accepted. THEY WANTED MY BODY so there UM! In the acceptance letter there was a card  for me to carry in my wallet and in the letter it said, “Never at any time will there be any expenses incurred by you.”

For anyone alone, or poor, I strongly suggest you go to genesis.com and print out the application. You will get an answer quickly and enjoy the rest of your life with one less thing to worry about.

By the way, they are headquartered in Memphis and I love the idea that I will return to a place I spent a decade in that has such great memories for me.




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