I’ve blogged about the wild parrots before but it has been awhile since they have ‘visited’ me. There is a huge tree in front of my building and the parrots use to come around every evening about 5 PM and then they disappeared for some time after hurricane Wilma but they have been coming back since but to the tree in the back outside my window. They don’t really have a schedule, sometimes coming every day, sometimes every other week.

It is rumored that the parrots were originally pets that somebody let loose and now there are flocks of them all over south Florida. They are beautiful and if I had a better camera I could get better shots of their colors. They have red heads, green bodies and patches of yellow.

Yes, they are loud and poop all over cars and the property but they are really something to watch flying as a flock or just covering the trees. I don’t know how many are in this particular flock but I would guess about100!!


I look forward to seeing them tomorrow–and I will have to do a blog on teh birds I use to keep in my apartment–at one time 21 of them!

For more information go to  http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/pdffiles/UW/UW21300.pdf

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