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1) Why do I, like many others, feel they must respond to every comment when/if someone comments on their blogs and/or comments to them on other blogs? And why do someone people never comment??

2) Does anyone else have problems with ‘disappearing’ letters on their keyboard? Right now the U, O, L, P and T have faded or are fading. I hunt and peck so it gets difficult. Anyone have suggestions?

3) Has it ever been decided which is better—keeping PC on 24/7 or turning it off when not in use?

4) Write whatever you want but don’t tell me what to write or NOT write.

5) I vaguely remembering reading the following and I don’t remember where but I do remember there might be something there. “Do we have more people than we will ever need for all the jobs? Is the job market in the USA over-saturated which might be one of the causes for unemployment?”

6) I LOVE the new IAMS catfood commercial!

7) Allen is going to visit his daughter and her family over the Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t you think he should stay through Christmas? (Did I mention I have his car when he goes away?)

8) I love it! A blogger said they don’t make personal attacks and then attack me in half of a very large comment! LOL

9) I learned one shouldn’t flirt, or make innuendos, on someone elses blog or an old lady might get offended!

10) I don’t give ‘spoilers’ in my movie review because I know I want to see a movie unfold as the director and screenwriter planned. I’ll give the basis of what the movie is about and will answer any questions about the movie in a private e-mail.

11) Some numbers: 40% of all the food in the USA ends up in the trash–average family of 4 wastes $2, 275 in food  each year–I am proud to say I don’t waste a bit of food and I certainly don’t waste a penny of food!

12) I have been looking for kitchen table chairs with arms for over 2 years–from IKEA to Macy’s to Target to wherever and I can’t find any!!!!

13) As hard as it is I am doing my darnedest to not make any more comments on political blogs because if you ask for facts or make corrections the poster goes ballistic! LOL

14) I recently discovered “The Big Bang Theory” and after watching a few episodes I am hooked. I watch the NBC episode on Thursday and the TBS marathons on Thursdays and Saturdays. It is the only comedy that has me laughing out loud! Underneath it all am I really a nerd?!?!?

15) From the nerds to the rich people–my secret pleasure is coming back Sunday–“Revenge”–I love it!! Of course it is on at the same time “Homeland”, “Dexter” and “The Good Wife” while other nights you won’t find anything to watch!



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