For anyone who complains about service in restaurants I must be doing something right–I am very hard on servers as I was one for 38 years and I gave this place an extra star just for the service. Now I have to embarrass myself as I did ask him his name but I have forgotten it–can I blame old age? In any case from the moment we walked in the door he gave us a bright cheery greeting and didn’t stop smiling when I gave him the coupon from groupon.
The groupon provided 2 subs of any size, 2 bags and chips and 2 sodas for $9. It would be a good deal IF the sub was good and it was. We each had the 12″ turkey club which was thick with turkey, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and the onions we requested plus mayo  ($7.55 each). The sub was good but next time I would ask them to toast the bread as it is a thick, white doughy type of bread. They also have a whole wheat sub roll.
What can you say about a bag of  chips (.90 each) or a can of soda (.95 cents each)? The food was brought to us so while not completely fast food I miss the full on service.
Oakland Park Subs is a store front with half for the kitchen, cashier stand and display case while the front half with a few small tables, chairs, a few pictures and a mirror could use a little more work but paying $9 for what would have cost  $19.93 is, anyway you look at it, a good deal. They do have a ‘special’ of any large size sub, chips and soda for $8.25 which in itself is a good deal.
Their motto is “Big Enough To Serve You-Small Enough To Care”. Stop by the next time you are in the area for a warm welcome and a good sub—and please find out the guy’s name for me! :O)



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