You never know what I will post on most days let alone Sunday! I do want to make Sundays about Gateway, where I live in Fort Lauderdale, a community for/of 300 senior citizens most in their 70s and 80s with a few in their late 60s, mid 90s-it makes for interesting living. I have lived here a little over 13 years– longest I have lived anywhere !–and we have a beautiful pool over looking Karen Bay which I would go to 4-5 times a week.

Up on top, behind the white fence, is the breezeway where a few of us would get together and relax (Hey, we lead a hard life!)–pardon the pun–shooting the breeze. There was a long green area filled with Cuban buttercup bushes that were constantly blooming.

To make a long story short in spite of the fact that there are 260 apartments with 260 bathrooms someone called and complained to the Board of Health. The pool had to be closed until bathrooms were built and they couldn’t be uni-sex. The administrator decided it would be a good time to fix the pool which was getting a few cracks and the whole pipe system was corroded. Our new ‘outhouse’ is ready but because of complications it looks like the pool won’t be opened for at least 90 days.

Not being negative but that bathroom will be a disaster but worse it no longer makes the breezeway a place to relax. The bathroom doors open to the breezeway and with old folks, trust me, you don’t want to see them coming out of a bathroom. Also, not to get gross, it won’t be clean for long and I feel sorry for Estaban who will have to take care of it!

With that picture in your mind I will end this post  here–


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