(flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict describe specific kinds of a wreck)

1) Once again 2-3 people (nongay) have mentioned the ‘gay lifestyle’ and once again I will ask them (I think this is the 10th or 11th time) what is the ‘gay lifestyle’ and how does it differ from the nongay lifestyle?

2) For nongay people–2 people, 1 a woman, another a man, both Republicans and christians, referred to being ‘anti-gay’ (the man), not ‘pro-gay’ (the woman) and at the same time claimed to have gay friends. Really the people who you don’t want to let get married when they love each other, you who don’t want them to get the 1000+ tax deductions you get, the people you don’t want to be boy scout leaders or teachers or in the service, you who don’t want them giving a loving home to children–and the list goes on–you who don’t want to give them equal rights and look at them as inferior to you —you really think they of them as friends?!?!? Do you really equate abortion with being gay and people who have sex with animals and men(!!!) who have 6 wives? What makes a gay person your friend? They are civil to you? They don’t put you down? Don’t throw you out when you go to their bars and play darts. They don’t make a pass at you –is that because they have nongay radar or maybe you are just too ugly or your attitude comes across? I am just curious how you define the word friend?

3) For gay people—read # 2–do you really think these are your friends? Is your self-esteem so low? Have you bought the lies they have told you about being a freak, not going to Heaven, that they love the sinner not the sin, to stop throwing your sexuality in their face when your whole life you have had theirs thrown in your face and in many cases (proms, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, movies, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.) made you participate in? Do you call them friends like in “I have nongay friends” or do you have some other reason for allowing them to call you friends? What? Why? Is a friend someone who stabs you in the back with trashy ‘gay’ jokes, calls gays all sorts of negative names, teach their children how ‘bad’ gays are?

4) Anyone who reads my posts and/or comments know I love apostrophees!!

5) Why are most people who dislike me Republicans AND christians? Can anyone show me where I have stated I was a Democrat? (Maybe my stalker who keeps a record of EVERYTHING I post can point it out?) And why do christian bloggers show so much hate?

6) I thought I got lucky–one blogger at a site said she was going to ignore me and in the following days left comments (which I didn’t read) for me–guess I’m not lucky! Funny how so irresistible–one blogger even dedicated a blog to me–very abusive but obviously secretly in love with me!! LOL

7) Am I still silly enough to believe that ALL AMERICANS will get behind whomever is elected? At least for the first year? No name calling, no blaming, no trash talk, etc? At 76 I still believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Elves, etc.!

8) I won’t go into it but something happened Sunday that made me verify that I really am still a sexy guy and ‘got it’! The joy of life certainly doesn’t end when you are in your 70s!

9) What’s wrong with Republican women? A friend of ours has two daughters who are voting for Romney because their husbands are!! Now isn’t that a nice and dutiful wife? And I hope they walk 2 steps behind their husbands at all times!

10) Fantasy Fest is in Key West this weekend–with all the wind we are getting the news cameras couldn’t show the streets—many of the people wearing bare costumes are wearing less because of the weather! Welcome to our world!

11) On the news just now–next weekend we will be going down to the low 60s, high 50s, by the morning–have to get my wool scarf, ear muffs, heavy jacket– wait I don’t get up in the morning–by the time I get up the sun is out, it is warm and life is good!

12) Just got the news that I have been blocked by two more bloggers on a web site where I think I hold the record for being blocked–it is a badge of honor!! And is it just coincidence that both are christian AND Republican?


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