It seems you can’t turn around in Fort Lauderdale without bumping into a Tex-Mex fast food restaurant with a minimum of 7 just between 17th street and Oakland Park Boulevard and except for a different name most are the same with the same menu items.
The Whole Enchilada, at this location, use to be a garage and they were very smart in their innovation but the rest rooms are still outside!  It looks like there would be a pile up if it was busy as you give your order and name to the cashier and serve yourself to beverage and plastic ware. Some tables have napkin holders others don’t. There are high tables, regular height tables and the tables outside are picnic tables. Your food is delivered to you.
I had a Fahitah Burrito ($8.19) which was wrapped in a very doughy wheat tortilla and a diet coke ($1.75) The burrito was filled with black beans (you have a choice in what kind of tortilla, beans and chicken, beef or shrimp) green peppers with chips on the side. Like the rest of the restaurants it has a salsa bar. While filling there is nothing exceptional in the dish.
Allen had an enchilada ($8.49) with beans and rice on the side. He very much liked the surroundings including the tables.
Every member of staff was welcoming, smiling and enthusiastic.
Nothing wrong with The Whole Enchilada but nothing to make it stand out from all the other Tex-Mex franchises in the city.

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