1. I am well aware this is going to be very hard for me to follow but it is ugly  reading political blogs anymore. There were two posts by rabid Gaza followers who ranted and raved and are not open to listening to anyone who questioned what they were saying. Honestly they sounded like the unbelievable shrieking Republican women–yes, women, who made Republican men sound like wimps–with their name calling and the “Woe is me” attitude before and after the election. I am going to do my best, though it will be hard to ignore stupidity, not to read any political posts or make any comments.

‘Free” cellphone–no camera, no texting, nothing but a phone

2. There has been a lot of talk about ‘welfare queens’ with long painted fingernails carrying iPhones, etc. Sorry I don’t know where you are seeing them because I go to the welfare centers and don’t see any just like there aren’t Caddies lined up–that’s all BS that one unknowing person tells another unknowing person and just repeats it. As far as FREE cellphones here is the LAW–a person below poverty level has a choice of getting a PLAIN cellphone with no camera, no texting, etc., with 250 free minutes a month or a lifeline credit on their AT&T landline–not both. (I think/hope that people have learned from Sandy–landlines worked in the northeast while many cell towers were down and not working.) I have the landline and take the credit but I can count on 1 hand how many calls I make a month and I haven’t made a long distance call in probably 20-30 years. Most poor people I know take the cellphone to use as 911 use when they are out andaboutjust in case. Sure there are a few people who ‘work’ the system  but stop this shouting about how YOU are paying for it–that is BS!

3. Folks who know nothing about it shouldn’t be talking about H.U.D., food stamps, etc., and other items that help people survive. Instead of talking about something that you have no idea about, do some research, see what the requirements are  and, whether you like it or not, your vision of a ‘welfare queen’ went out of vogue a long time ago. Today it is mainly families who are living in poverty and old people who have gone broke because they either didn’t have health insurance or used all their assets for a sick mate.

4. I would really love to read all your blogs but as it is I subscribe close to 100+ bloggers on 9 different sites and I come home in the evening to 90 notifications and 65 e-mails. I have to cut back so for those of you who post 3-6  blogs a day or those who are always posting YouTube songs accept my apologies for not reading/looking/commenting on all of them. Aside from my own commitment to myself to post 1 blog a day I do some other writing and am currently finishing up the last 2 books I will write.

5. I’ve read 5 post by nongay bloggers–both married or not–who do get or can get over 1,000 Federal tax deductions–and they wrote about a subject they know nothing about. They do provide gays with laughs but they keep repeating the same nonsense that in no way helps two people of the same sex who love each other get married. I am gay(no surprise there) and I have no, have never had, desire to get married but I know why people do (and it doesn’t have to do with that 1,000+ deductions–hey Republicans how about cutting those out for revenue? You would certainly see a change in attitude about who gets married!) but the way it will happen is if these so called allies would help get DOMA defeated.


6. I love the Tony and Oscar shows and never miss them. It looks like the male Oscar race will be the ‘hot’ one this year–so far I have seen 8 performances worthy of nominations and the ‘big’ movies have yet to come out!

7. I am just curious–where do you live? In the USA? Another country? What city? I live in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and I know people from all over the world blog.

8. I believe in ‘silly’ things like: the man in the moon and that the moon is made of cheese,–hey it makes me smile when I look at the moon and what’s wrong with that? I also believe in some serious things like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.

9. Putting in a plug for–great gifts for the holidays!!

10. I have a few more things to talk about but I have a 20 pound (+ stuffing with pecans) turkey to roast, a bean, mushroom and fried onion casserole plus 2 pumpkin/ applesauce/marshmellow pies, not to forget the yams and salad.





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