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Between New Year’s Day, 1980–“I am at home eating pizza with salad–no plans” and New Year’s Eve 1989–“10th day of work in a row–at the stroke of midnight I was driving Grace home–started my January newsletter”. A lot of what happened in those 10 years I have already written about–here are some things I may have missed.

November 16-22, 1988 I was in the hospital with an appendix attack–made sure I was out in time to work Thanksgiving at the Holiday Inn–I worked my butt off to make a measly $253–people are cheap on holidays!

September 2-6, 1984 Tommy and Chuck came down

Finished my book “And The Oscar Goes to…” in March, 1988, and sent it out to publisher in May

Met Bryan in February, 1986

On February 13, 1985, Marti, Kathy, her sister Fran, Elaine, Grace and I went to the Casa Vecchia for dinner–my favorite restaurant–exquisite service, food and presentations–a small copper bar that almost made me wish I was drinking again!

The Casa Vecchio is now closed as are so many of the restaurants and bars I use to go to. Just a partial list: 2 On A Match, Zelda’s, Acapulco, The Wharf, Blue Grotto, Backstreet, Punjabs, Studio X, The Palms, Victoria Station, Charcoal Pit, 186 Bar, Golden Spike, La Perla,  Christina Wan’s, Wings and Things, and the list never ends.

December 28, 1988 “Ray Blasco and I went to the opening of the movie version of “Torch Song Trilogy” which was excellent–went back to see it 3 more times and bought the VHS version when it came out–a faithful adaptation of the movie and Harvey Fierstein deserved, but didn’t get, an Oscar nomination–guess the world isn’t ready for an out gay man to tell a gay story. (And today gays look at it and “The Boys In The Band” as old fashioned and not relevant–HA!)

August, 1988–Got $5,000 from Ritchie’s estate as Executive of Will, which I used to pay bills, get new top for car and take trip to NYC to see “A Chorus Line”.

October 5, 1988   Michael and I had dinner at 2 Guys and he told me he had AIDS–I promised him I would be there for him (and I was–more about this in the 1990s section.)

November, 1982, I started writing a column for “The Weekly News” and reviewing restaurants for “Out” magazine.

In November, 1989, I started writing a newsletter for Holiday Inn

September 25, 1985, Michael got massage license

March 1985, I met Ray Blasco, a doctor, who would be important to my life in the 1990s

September 9, 1980, Michael and I started “Black and White Men Together” the first chapter in South Florida

May 26-31, 1987 Chuck came for visit–we had dinner one evening at The Historic Byron Homes Restaurant with Michael (and I still have that picture taken of the 3 of us–almost 20 years later Allen and I would go there for his birthday but it had a different name.)


A lot happened in the 1980s but the 1990s was to be a very turbulent decade for me and with all that happened I managed to keep a smile on my face and get through the bankruptcies, congestive heart failure, being unemployed for a long stretch, asking friends for help which wasn’t easy–pride you know–and more.


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