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1. For anyone who doesn’t believe in global warning go to:    Allen and I took a drive along what was Fort Lauderdale Beach and if something isn’t done soon there won’t be a Fort Lauderdale Beach!

2. So far I haven’t posted any comments regarding politics for over a week–it is not easy and, for now, I’ll leave it at that but in the future I will have to tell about the 2 guys at The Point and Doyle’s comment about the powerball.

3. I know everything on the Internet is considered public but I still believe e-mails and PMs that are personal should NOT be posted without  the permission of the one who sent it and/or the one who received it–otherwise it is just a crude move on the part of the one who posted it for everyone to see.

4. Living in a senior citizen residence it is sort of sad to hear people cry ‘wolf’ all the time. As long as I have known Sonja she has been dying, has no money, etc., and yet she has enough money to buy and drink booze, has the Internet, a cellphone, goes out to the local drinking hole, has dinner out every once in awhile. She has emphysema, C.O.P.D., claims she finds it hard to walk and more than once has hinted that she didn’t think she would be around in a month or so. First of all I don’t understand people ‘crying wolf’ and, second, don’t they realize how boring they are?

5. I was interviewed by a 27 year old ‘kid’ for a local newspaper and I admit he made me feel old. He didn’t know who Johnny Mathis is, had no idea about H.U.D., and I should have ended it when he admitted he had no idea what “A Chorus Line” was. He claimed it was because he was straight–I tried to explain to him that it hadn’t played on Broadway for 15 years just by playing to a gay audience. I have no idea what his profile of me will be but I will reprint it here when it is published.

6. I have had a few instances of people posting blogs in light colored fonts or fancy fonts or size 8 fonts–am I the only one who can’t read them? Not meaning to hurt any feelings but, no, I don’t have time or want to make them readable so I just skip them.

7. People of a certain age–that is a fancy way of saying OLD!–have a serious time of/ with falling and bleeding. I don’t know whether the latter is because as we get old the skin gets thinner or because so many are on blood thinners  but it comes a major problem. I am not just talking about blood on the sleeves of shirts or blouses but also sheets, pillow cases, comforters, towels plus seeing a trail of blood drops and, for a moment, not knowing where they came from. Regarding falling I have seen more seniors break hips, shoulders, knees and other bones, rapidly going downhill, first going to a nursing home and then hospice. If you are old, if you live with or know someone old please make sure their home has the necessary ‘bars’ to help with bathing and, yes, if you think they need a walker, as much as they fight it, insist and talk to their doctor. And then there is the very touchy subject of driving their car–if you feel uncomfortable when she/he is at the wheel it is time to take action before he/she steps on the gas instead of the brake and…

8. WOW! I don’t know what got me started on that rant above but I have this awful habit–I care about people!

9. I started with #1 about Allen and I driving down A1A–I forgot to mention we were coming from 33RD & Dine French Cafe and was on the way to the Cold Stoen Creamery–now that’s a good day!!!

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