Seems we are the only, or very few, who ate at the Argie Grill and were sober as most reviewers mention bar hopping !
Argie Grill most hold some sort of record in that they are longest lasting restaurant in the white elephant known as the Las Olas Riverfront Center. As it was Friday afternoon we were going to the movies and though we usually eat afterwards we had extra time so any excuse to eat. I have passed the place many times but never eaten in it but that will change from now on.
The husband and wife(?) team were very pleasant and though it is somewhat of a fast food place the gentleman took our orders) got our soda, delivered the food and was also the cashier.
I had the beef empanada with chimichurri sauce ($3.95) and a soda ($1.75) so with tax it was $6 and change. The empanada, while good, really didn’t taste ‘homemade’ but the chimichurri sauce added a good ‘bite’ to it.
Allen had a chicken and cheese sandwich ($.5.95), soda ($1.75) and an order of fries ($1.95) so with tax  a total a little over $10. The sandwich was a good size and he said tasty while, after snatching a couple, the fries were very salty.
With over 19 different fillings there are an array of empanadas from beef to chicken, vegetarian to seafood, some spicy, most not and all served with the chimichurri, the Angie Grill is a good place for lunch or a bite to eat before or after drinking or while strolling down the riverfront.

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