I bought a Christmas cactus in the summer–don’t askof 2009 and that Christmas and the one in 2010 it bloomed at the beginning of December and didn’t stop blooming until late January.

In the following months it almost tripled in size (see upper left picture) but not a single bloom in December 2011 or January 2012. On February 22, a week before my 19th Leap Year birthday it started to get buds and on my birthday every branch had an open blossom!

A couple of months later I decided to trim it back and took the ‘branches’ and replanted them into 4 different pots. I left 3 inside and put 1 outside with my plants on the walkway. None of the plants including the ‘mother’ one blossomed this past Christmas and two weeks ago I noticed 3 buds on the plant outside and last week 4 buds. Yesterday, February 1, there were 2 blooms.

Is it possible that my Christmas cactus has decided to become a February birthday/unbirthday cactus? I’m curious to see if the 3 inside, plus the mother plant, will bloom or should I put 2 of the ‘babies’ outside and see what happens?


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