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Anyone who knows me knows that 1) I love food and 2) I love to eat out.  I do prefer full service, sit down, white table cloth restaurants but I don’t thumb my nose at fast food places.

Like movies, books and theatre it is hard for me to pick ‘1 best’. Right now, if I had the money, there are at least 10 places I would love to eat at but my ‘to go to restaurant  when I have the money right now is the Café Vico. It is near where I live and has been there for years but I just discovered  it a year ago today. It might be a coincidence but Groupon just issued a 50% off coupon so I grabbed it!

Usually, on Thursdays, Allen and I will go to a ’better’ place before going shopping such as this past Thursday we went to the Sea Watch which is one of the very few restaurants built on the beach. It is also one of the oldest restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area. They recently underwent a complete renovation as did their menu. I had their scallops sauté for lunch which consisted of 4 scallops, some corn nibbles and a side of potato salad for $19. (Just an aside–I register with most restaurants on the Internet–I received a $30 off certificate for my birthday from the Sea Watch!)

On Fridays it usually is a fast food place because Allen’s roommate usually wants to eat out in the evening. Whereas we use to go to Quarterdeck for their Friday Jambalaya we now go to Subways, Burger King, Wendy’s, Boston Market or Subways.

Oh yes, once in awhile we will go to the Stone Cold Creamery, Diary Queen, Gelato Station or another ice cream place as there is always room for a scoop of ice cream or gelato!

Right now my top 10 restaurants that I would take you to if you came down here are, in no particular order: Café Vico, Gamaroff’s, Catfish Dewey’s, 15th Street Fisheries, Old Florida Seafood House, Quarterdeck, Carlos & Pepe‘s, Cheesecake Factory, Big Louie’s and Marriot Harbor Beach for Sunday brunch.

One thing about Fort Lauderdale is that if 2000 restaurants close each year 2003 new ones will open up. Every food of the world is represented here and I never get tired of going to new places!


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