7 DECADES 1990-1995 AFTER BANKRUPTCY PART 21 C   Leave a comment

Most people, even before bankruptcy, start to cut corners, hoard whatever money they can get and after the procedures stop spending money on anything but bills and necessities but most people aren’t me.

On November 19, 1992, the judge declared that she had found for me in my bankruptcy and all the debts against me were discharged. I breathed a big sigh of relief and walked out to the car which was mine and couldn’t be touched by any creditors. It seems the next night Bob, Jim and I went to the Caldwell Playhouse to see the play “A Few Good Men” having dinner at the Chinese restaurant around the corner. Okay maybe I got the ticket before I went bankrupt but then I have the following notes in my diary: “Gary, Mike and I Thanksgiving Day buffet at 17th Street Marriot” “Bob and I went to see “Tango Passion” in Coconut Grove and had dinner at Hooter’s” “Bryon and I dinner at the Park Cafe and then went to see “Falsettos” “David and I dinner at Dan Dowd’s”  In other words I was going to shows, movies and restaurants as if nothing had happened!

(An aside–one of the fun things about having a diary–going through the 1990s I found this: “March 21, 1990–went to see “Les Miserables”–touring company-beautiful songs–enjoyed it–glad I saw it and would recommend it” here it is 23 years later and I have seen it 4 times on stage. recently saw the movie three times and on February 26 I will once again see it on stage in Miami–and I am not bankrupt!)

I was working–in fact had several jobs–was writing columns, doing my monthly newsletter, working on a couple of books about my parents, Michael and Bernie–I got a call from Eleanor and she told me that she and Hector got married on December 23, 1992 (I still wonder what happened to her)–I sold an article to South Florida magazine for $50–I had a call from my brother!!! He was in the hospital with internal bleeding–I don’t remember a thing about that conversation and if I didn’t have a diary I would never remember the call happened–in June 1993 I started working at the Broward Bookstore–one of those X-rated places with booths in the back to watch porn and large enough for 2 people so use your own imagination and in the front were all sorts of magazines and paraphernalia for sex games–I was told by the boss I could ‘steal’ up to $50 a shift plus I got a percentage of sales plus a salary–it was one of the best, easiest jobs I ever had–themajority of customers were married men or men cheating on their lovers–a man would walk in, see me and gasp as if I was going to get on the phone and call their partner and squeal on them like I cared.

Things were moving along–I was working–going to the theatre and movies–eating out–had a bunch of good friends–had relieved myself of major debt and then 1994 came!



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