The choice of movies to see tomorrow are: Zero Dark 30, Snitch, Escape from Planet Earth, A Good Day to Die Hard or DJango Unchained and with the exception of Planet Earth they are all violent, action R rated films which are not for me or Allen.  We will be going to the movies tomorrow but I will not be writing a review as I have already seen the movie and I am more than willing to sit through this gem again. I am talking about the film I hope will win the Best Foreign film Oscar, “Amour”, and I am pulling for Emmanuale Riva to win Best Actress, which Allen hasn’t seen it!

For my original review of “Amour” go to

Regarding the Oscars I will be posting a “I Want To Won–Who I Think Will Win” blog on Saturday and then will do a review of the Oscar show for either Sunday or Monday. I am thinking of writing a blog as I watch the show and commenting on it as we go along. With the exception of my threatening NEVER to go to the movies again IF Charlize Theron didn’t win for “Monster” or Jennifer Hudson for “Dreamgirls” I very seldom pick the winners so if you are in a contest to pick the winners ignore my choices!

And what will I blog about tomorrow since I won’t be posting a review? SURPRISE!!!!

Regarding the pictures above they were all taken around Fort Lauderdale.  Numbers 1 and 2 are something I think may be unique to the area. As in most big cities we have eye sore electric boxes all around and the city has decided to cover them with area appropriate pictures. #1 is near the Arts Center while #2 is near sailboat Bend, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Laurderdale– for more about the area go to and scroll down.

Number #5 is the water taxi which I think is one of the best ways to see the city by water with one of the many stops–#3—at the 15th Street Fisheries Restaurant and docks (#4) at the entrance to our beach. Last, but certainly not least, #6 was our full moon last month.

Last but certainly not least we went for lunch ar Cafe Vico one of my favorite places–whenever you get here we will go there!!!

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