We were going to the Arsht Center to see “Les Miz” and were running a little behind time so I suggested this place that I had found  googling restaurants near the center. Aside from us another couple had a problem figuring out how to get in but finally a server come out and we rushed in.
There are tables outside with an uninviting view–the side of the Center–and when you walk inside the narrow room is divided in half with the bar on the left side and the tables on the right. The former is as wide as the latter and it has bar stools in the aisle. I sat on the inside against a white padded wall and Allen sat on the aisle side with a constant passing of customers and help.
We were handed a six page(?) beer menu without any food items on it. After a few minutes, and a few tries, we were able to get the food menu. Wanting something easy and fairly fast to get we both ordered the grilled chicken sandwich which came with fries. It seems like the whole crew works as a team and we were served by someone from the kitchen. Both servers passed by and asked us how were doing and how everything was and, because we were in a hurry, I didn’t bother asking for ketchup  but I did ask for the check and I think the bartender delivered it right away.
The chicken sandwich was served on a baguette with lettuce, tomato and onion and what tasted like a spread of mayo. The bread was almost twice as long as the chicken breast and the fries must have come from Sysco.  At $13.95 the sandwich was very overpriced.
Our check came to $30.13 plus a $6 tip and there is no way I can say it was worth it. With their concentration on beers, and beer drinkers, maybe I am being unkind but it is not a place to go to eat. The tables are on top of each other so forget a normal conversation. The padded wall was okay but the material on the seats against the wall was coming off.
It might be me, and I might be unfair, but next time for a bite before the theatre I think we will stop at Subways a couple of blocks north of the Arsht where we don’t have to pay $15 to park next door to the restaurant and can get a good chicken sandwich in a roomy, bright place for $5.
DRB is definitely not made for dinner before going to an event anywhere–it is a place to spend the evening drinking beers.

Looks like the new ‘fad’ are beer, upper class meaning expensive, places–go to and take a look at their list of beers–I wonder how many are real!?!


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