I basically gave it a 4th star mainly because of our server Joel who was excellent!

We accidentally walked into a restaurant across the way with a similar name and when I showed the server my groupon he graciously pointed out our mistake and showed us where the place was.

For a Wednesday afternoon, during season, on a cool not beach day, all of Las Olas was pretty quiet so we weren’t surprised that the Wild East Asian Bistro had people at only 2 tables. Joel greeted us at the door and basically gave us the opportunity to pick what table we wanted and it was a pleasure to sit at a 4 top with plenty of room.

I had coffee ($2) and Allen had water. We asked Joel for some suggestions and he pointed out the more popular items. There is a separate menu with pictures of Asian Tapas, each $6, and Allen ordered the crab wanton with 3 wantons. I had one and found it too well fried making the outside very hard, not crispy.

For our main courses Allen ordered the Cashew Shrimp with brown rice ($14)  which he really enjoyed while I ordered the Deep Blue Sea ($18) which consisted of shrimp, calamari,, mussels, sea bass, scallops, zucchini, peppers, scallions in a spicy bean soy and a side of brown rice. The seafood was fine but the sauce though not spicy was very salty.

Though there is a ‘bamboo divider’ between the dining room and kitchen you can see all the cooking being done. Though it was not busy what could have been the manager or owner spent his spare time talking to the cook instead of interacting with the 6 customers he had.

Our check came to $42.40 before the $30 groupon deduction which I paid $15 for so including tax  and our tip ($8+)  our total for the 2 luncheons was $25.40 which is about average on Las Olas but without the groupon it would be too high.

Thanks to Joel for being an excellent server because that always adds to the meal.

By the way be careful with the square cup and saucer because if you don’t watch while you are putting the coffee cup down it could land all over the table–no, I was careful!


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