1) I have been knocked out for two weeks, especially the past week, with a case of the flu that really put me in the dumps which isn’t my thing. I even sent my friends a moaning and groaning letter–I mean folks when I don’t feel like eating for 2 days you know I am sick. It seems the flu shot I had back in October didn’t cover this strain! I have been doing the whole coughing, sore throat, sneezing, sniffling, sleeping 15-18 hours a day and have spent 5 days in a row not even going out to get my mail!

Also, very strange for me, I got very little sleep after taking a pill that my doctor gave me to take the next 7 days–I trust my doc and very seldom will do more than look up a medicine he prescribes except to see when to take it and how it will effect other medicines I take. He did warn me that I have to keep a very close eye on my coumindin level. In any case I read the following http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levofloxacin and I had a really bad night of it last night. He said it should ‘break’ by Friday so all I can hope is that I don’t get pregnant by then– that’s one of the side effects!!! After doing a lot of checking of interactions I just may take a sleeping pill tonight.

Unbelievable but this flu has taken away my two favorite things: eating and sleeping!!!

What is really driving me crazy is that above, below and on my lips I am covered with ‘cold sores’–UGH!

2) I watched a 30 minute documentary on HBO the other night–it had been nominated for an Oscar–I do suggest that if you can watch it on HBO or possibly get the DVD–it is a 30 minute film called “King’s Point”–it is a look at a senior condominium in Florida–most of them are ‘comfortable’ financially–because of age and death most live alone–those who have family know their kids have a life of their own and they really don’t want to intrude–there is one couple who live together for companionship, each wanting more than they have–though they really haven’t much to complain about most are living a lonely life–it certainly is a film for everyone to look at because lives change day to day.

3) Not consistantly but every 3 or 4 months I get a royalty check in the mail on one of the books I wrote years ago–generally, after taxes taken out!, it comes to $2 and change–always makes me smile!

4) I will mention it again but mark your calendar to watch a live very highly praised performance of “Carousal”—my 3rd favorite all time musical–April 26 on PBS–talking about theatre we will be going to see the touring company of “Fela” on Tuesday in Miami

5) In the past couple of months I have cut way back on blogging and commenting on blogs on 8-9 different sites–I, also, got into the FaceBook thing for a month and have cut that out–I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on the Internet until I did the cutting back and now I understand why I haven’t been reading the 3-5 books a week I use to–I have gone back to reading and I remember what a joy it always was and is!

I, of course, will continue to blog but now I don’t feel the NEED to committing myself to blogging and if I miss a day or two the world doesn’t collapse. I have also cut back on subscribers on each of the blogging sites I belong to at the same time not feeling I have to comment on all the blogs. I really appreciate any comments left on my blogs and, in most cases, acknowledge them. I am also–and this is hard–trying to stay away from the ‘christians’ who are so anti gay and the really nasty Republican bloggers on 3-4 different sites–they really go over the top talking about American citizens, the President and anyone they don’t agree with–then they wonder why this country is in the mess it is! One good thing is that at one of the blogging sites most of those people have blocked me! Well I got that off my back :O)

6) We are going through a ‘big city phase’ here at Gateway–they are repairing the roofs of 3 buildings and the city has been tearing up streets all around us to put in new water pipes so peace and quiet are not readily available.

7) Right now is the height of “Season” in South Florida and combined with Spring Break the city is hopping–supposedly one of the biggest seasons since before the recession. Along with that we have been having perfect tourist weather with sunny skies, warm temps during the day and cool at night.

Today for the first time in two weeks I am headed down to The Point and enjoy all that surrounds me.

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