If you think my unbirthday Leap Year lasted long wait until 2016 comes around and I turn 20–that should be fun!

For my unbirthday I received a gift certificate to The Home Depot and since money, in any form, burns a hole in my pocket, I decided that after 10(?) years, though it was still in good working condition, that seeing a red microwave that’s what I NEEDED!!!! And it is working fine!

Have you ever had Gold-Elisen Lebkuchen??? I never even knew it existed until I got two packages of it. They are ‘health’ cookies made out of almonds, green flour, hazelnuts, starch, aniseed, ‘life cake’, cloves, coriander, ginger and kardann. I will say it is different and certainly tastes healthy!

Every time we go to Broward Performing Arts Center for a show there is a display where you can have your picture taken against the background of the show and we, Allen reluctantly, always have a our picture taken. Let’s put it this way–the guy knowns my name and almost my  whole e-mail address. I know they do teh picture thing to get your e-mail address to send you show notices but that’s okay as I am on their mailing list as it is!

The unbirthday is over folks–see you in 2016 for the real thing!


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