#1  For over 9 years I have kept plants on the walkway outside my door which is out of every one’s way–if we have high wind or hurricane warnings I bring them all into my apartment (which ain’t easy for an old man LOL)—we got  notice in the beginning of February that HUD was going to make an inspection so all of a sudden there was a mad rush to ‘follow the rules’ which meant nothing, not plants, chairs, gnomes, NOTHING on walkways under the threat of being kicked out–we are talking about 70, 80 and 90 year old people here folks–OMG! You would think we were living in a condo!  As you can see in the top left picture–the ‘today’ scene–I cleared my part of the walkway but little pots are appearing again!

#2 I discovered “aqua beads’ in the Dollar Tree store and bought enough for all my plants–they are beads that are re-hydrated with water. Over weeks they slowly lose water through evaporation and as plants drink the water. This re-hydrated process can be repeated many times. You can also get them in color adding a little pizazz.

#3 Usually mid February The Dollar Tree store gets packets of various flower and vegetable, bags of various soil, all kinds of saucers–and I go crazy!!! Heck, the packets are 4 for a dollar or big $2.99 boxes for a dollar so I bought an assortment but—stupid me—the first batch I planted I threw out the covers so I have no idea what will pop up.

#6 The first planting on March 10

#4  The same on March 20

#5  The seeds I planted today consisting of marigolds, beets and radishes

#7 Put them on the walkway with the others.

Right now—forgot to post them–I have a pot on my sill of marigolds that have buds showing–will wait until they flower and post them.

This whole seed to bloom really amazes me–can’t wait for my first radish!!!

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