I had to get my “Priscilla” review into broadwayshowbiz.com and will let you know when it is posted. Just finished writing my Carlos and Pepe’s restaurant review and will post it over the weekend. I have a bunch of pictures to file or delete and still looking for my ‘100 things about me’ blog and someone wanted me to post about my birds. I am also falling behind in answering notifications and e-mails which I don’t like to do PLUS I missed “Smash” last night and wanted to watch it on the Internet today but didn’t have time. I had to go to the office for me re-certification which takes time and then I had the nerve to go down to The Point for an hour while it was absolutely beautiful out–looks like we have heavy rain (which we need) heading this way on Friday.

1) Me in front of the Arsht Center in Miami–Miami Beach starts in the background–it is a different city and most people, even those who live here, don’t know that!

2) Banana tree outside Mary Lou’s apartment–we have so many different fruit trees all around the property.

3) My ‘Christmas cactus’ is still blooming! (I really want to say “It’s a miracle” but might offend someone and I wouldn’t want to do that!)

4) Going to see “The Addams Family” next Tuesday

5) My marigolds are blooming like crazy and I love it!

6) Full moon over my building in March.

7) Allen having a bite at the Sea Watch, one of the oldest, better and not cheap restaurants!

Off to do one of my favorite things tomorrow: lunch, Dollar Tree, CVS, Winn-Dixie, Publix, Home Depot–then home to catch up on some more things–have a great day!


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