And another fast food franchise opens in Fort Lauderdale. It is big, looks and feels new and except that they focus on chicken tenders they are no different from Burger Wi-Fi or The Whole Enchilada or any other new franchise operation.
You walk in–and there are assorted sizes of their menus all over so you don’t have to wait to get up to the counter to see what you want–approach the counter, give your first name and order, pay, go get your drink,or in my case the lady behind the counter poured my coffee, get any condiments, find a table and when your name is called go back to the counter and get your order.
Allen had the 4 piece chicken tenders dinner with a soda and blueberry cole slaw for $8.79 including tax and I had the grilled turkey sandwich meal which had cranberry, lettuce and mayo spread on the egg bun plus the blueberry cole slaw and coffee for $7.73
Neither Allen or I were impressed with the blueberry cole slaw or, the bottom line, with PDQ–which could be standing in for “People Dedicated to Quality” or “Pretty Darn Quick” which they are–though nothing wrong with the place it is just another fast food franchise with all the superficial trimmings and TVs but not the table service.


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