#1) I know some people who are going to eat at the Outback today but Allen and I beat them to it–Outback is having a ‘4 for $15’ special–salad and soup, main course and side dish, dessert–we went l;ast Wednesday and I had their cream of onion soup, house salad, pork roast on mashed garlic potatoes with a side of string beans and carrot cake  for dessert–to me that is 6 courses bit I’m not arguing–add coffee, tax and tip and it is more like ‘4 for $22’–it was good though.  (Unlike some people we didn’t have the ‘blooming onion!)

2) We have egrets of all kinds everywhere you go in Ft. Lauderdale including when walking around Gateway–these are brown and white–their beaks amaze me

3) I took this picture looking out my east window–the trees have beautiful sprays of red groups that just catch the eye

4) Say hello to Peter Pigeon–also brown and white–he has been hanging out at the mailboxes for months now to get any snacks the neighbors are willing to share

5) Before going to see “Oblivion” yesterday we stopped at IHOP to have a bite–I usually have the cheese omelet with a side of pancakes–this time I had their meat omelet and it was good–had bacon, ham, cheese, shredded meat–it just yelled cholesterol city but I enjoyed every bite, including the pancakes!!

6) We have hibiscus flowers of all colors around the property–this yellow isn’t as beautiful as it looks on the bush but it will have to do!


Time to run out and see the tail end of the air show we are having at the beach and I also need to get back as I want to put out all my potted plants as we are suppose to have a good rain today and tomorrow. I should take a picture of them all out there!


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