We had rain forecast for yesterday evening and again for this evening so I decided, around 4 PM yesterday when I felt a few rain drops to get ALL my potted plants out on the walkway. Hey folks I don’t know how it happened but I have 37 potted plants and it is a lot of work lifting and carrying them out but I did it.

Pictures numbered 1 & 3 show the east and south windows with some of the plants- -plus there are a couple on the bathroom and kitchen sill. Pictures 2 & 4 show the empty windows (except for a vine in picture 2 that I didn’t want to undo) and now the living room feels empty to me!! Pictures # 5 & 6 show the plants lined up on the walkway. My poor neighbor had to pull her wagon filled with packages carefully past them.

In any case the rains came at 6 PM and gave the plants a  good drenching. Nobody, except me, ever said I was smart (HUSH!) but if I was I would have brought them in after it stopped raining. I figured it was suppose to rain tonight so I would leave them out. Needless to say we had a very sunny day and by 3 PM all the dirt in the plants was dry!!!

Now I sit here waiting for this evening’s rain, hoping it will come soon as I have to get the plants back in before the morning when the crew comes into work and bangs on my door to take the plants in then–at 8 AM!!! COME ON RAIN!

Well it did drizzle for an hour so I am going to take them in–next Sunday how the seedlings are coming along!

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