One of the many reasons I love Thursdays is because I know I will be going to the Dollar Tree Store. Now it’s not only for the 1 pound of wrapped cheeses I can get, or the frozen bags of all kinds of vegetables and/or fruits plus spices, extracts, frames, candles and many other every day things but for the not every day things of which the two above are good examples.

Pictures 1-3: They are vases that lay flat until you fill them with water and then they become sturdy vases–in the third picture I put a spatula after putting water in one of the flattened vases (see picture 2 with the vase on right lying flat and the left with water.) Though made out of plastic they will last forever! They also come with ‘water’ beads that I have talked about before and I put those in my potted plants.

Pictures 4-6: I have had these ‘finger’ peelers for a couple of years now. They are so easy to use and they work beautifully–see picture #3 of a cucumber I peeled Wednesday–they fit right over the finger and come in all colors. When I first got them I peeled anything in sight!!!

I have 6 different watches with varied colored straps that are still running after 2 years–every Spring I buy packets of flower and vegetable seeds (see results this coming Sunday) and bags of soil plus pots and saucers–every holiday we decorate the individual apartments and the building for pennies and all year round, whether using various pictures or ornaments, I can change the look of the apartment. I have gotten all red kitchen utensils to match the oven mittens, sponges, napkins, towels, apple corer/slicer or anything else that you can put in a kitchen that is red.

If you don’t have a Dollar Tree Store in your area just go to their web page and take a look–by the way very few have the frozen food or refrigerator sections like the one near me where they have packs of burgers, tacos, chicken, ice cream, chocolates of all kinds, eggs, milk, juices, etc.


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