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No my legs are not black in the last picture–that is the water level but more about that later!

The day started with Allen coming over and both of us cracking up over a can opener–oh get your mind out of the gutter!!!–someone had given me a bank give a way can opener and I spent an hour the other day trying to figure out how it works and didn’t get anywhere–let’s just say  Allen didn’t either!

Our first stop was my laundry where I dropped off my shirts and 21 pounds of laundry–by the way there had been a few rain drops earlier but it wasn’t raining now. From there we went to Hollywood (Florida, that is) where I hadn’t been to for awhile to have lunch at a new restaurant called The New Easy(see first picture) where the food and service were very good–will post my review another day. It started to rain and then poured while we were eating so what else could we do when we were finished–come on it was just next door–but go to the Chocolada Bakery & Cafe (see second picture)- -another review another day–for dessert. By the time we were finished the rain was gone.

From there we went to the 17th Street post office where I mailed something to Australia (Hush girl!) and the skies opened up. It continued to rain while I was at the Dollar Tree and then started getting heavier as we drove to Winn-Dixie with the streets already strating to flood. While in Winn-Dixie, and when we left, it was like a sheet of soft plastic coming down and a boat would have been better driving back to Gateway. Oh by the way the lotto machine was down so I couldn’t get our winning tickets and I was worried if I didn’t the Fantasy 5 would come out.

Gateway’s parking lot is a swimming pool when it drizzles so if you have any imagination think of a parking lot turned into a swimming pool and there you are. Allen parked in front of the entrance to my apartment and decided he would come upstairs for awhile. We figured nobody wasn’t going to go anywhere so the blocked cars wouldn’t be any problem. I got thoroughly soaked just bringing the packages from the car to the building–and yes I had an umbrella but it broke!

We watched the news only to hear that Fort Lauderdale was flooded all over BUT not as bad as Key West. We had 6 inches of rain in less than an hour. Finally it stopped and I suggested we go over to Publix and see if their Lotto machines were working. Leaving Gateway was worse than the entrance–2 cars were stuck at the exit and the water was up to the rims of car tires. We advanced very slowly up to Publix where I was able to buy the winning tickets (sure!) and when we got back I suggested Allen let me off at the church and I could walk the rest of the way. He went over 2 blocks where the streets weren’t so bad with water and when we got to the church area the water was so high–see the two bottom pictures–at some points walking to the building the water was up to the hem of my shorts.

Was it a good? A bad day? A good bad day? A bad good day? IT WAS A GOOD DAY!  AND BY THE WAY THE RAINY ( HURRICANE) SEASON DOESN’T START HERE UNTIL JUNE!


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