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While watching “Iron Man 3” you can think about many things like : 1) How many iron man appear in the span of the movie? 2) How many crouch shots did director Shane Black plan? 3) How many of the few very funny lines were ad libbed by Robert Downey Jr. or written by co-screenwriters Mr. Black and Drew Pearce? 4) What’s the body count? 5) Are you going crazy because in the opening of the film you thought the female was a brunette Gwyneth Paltrow? 5) Will Downey, Jr. ever do a non-action film and show his power as an actor like he did in “Charlie Chaplin” ? 6) How many films have been made in the past decade where the President of the United States has his life in danger?


None of the above will distract you from the film as the basics are old hat to anyone who has seen a Marvel comic book film or just the first two “Iron Man” movies. Yes there are the villains, Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce, who want to take over the world, Iron Man’s very smart girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, multi, actually too many, special effects under the supervision of Dan Sudick, not to forget constant explosions, again a case of too many. The music is loud, too loud at times, but that is the nature of superhero movies. Also, true to the genre it is too long by about 15-20 minutes.


Robert Downey jr. looks very good with he sculptured beard and toned body. Gwyneth Paltrow’s role seems to be a bit longer in this third outing while Pearce and Kingsley are more than adequate as the mean guys. A standout is Ty Simpkins who is a young kid whose father has split and Tony Stark/Iron Man is his hero and he has a chance to help his hero. Jon Favreau as Tony’s head security, Don Cheadle as Col. Rhodes/War Machine, Rebecca Hall as a botanist and Paul Bettany, as the voice of a robo, give good support.


“Iron Man:3” is the first of many big blockbuster films coming down the pike this summer season and, already a big hit money wise, though a fast moving, entertaining film, hopefully not the best of them.


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