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So far nothing happening with the beets (far left greens) or turnips (to the right of the almost empty pot) but the marigolds are sure coming out all over and in different colors. The other pictures are just a few of the different colored hibiscus bushes we have all over Gateway. Between the yachts, million dollar homes, The Point, Karen Bay, palms, orchids, birds, trees and, oh yes, people, just walking round the Gateway apartments is an adventure that never gets dull.

This is going to be a busy week with doctor’s appointment tomorrow, going to see “Memphis” in Miami at the Arsht Center Tuesday evening (and, of course, finding a place to eat) and then “Warhorse” here in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Performing Arts Center on Wednesday (already know we are eating at a new Irish pub not too far from the theatre) then The Pantry plus Dollar Tree and Winn-Dixie on Thursday followed by going to see “The Great Gatsby” on Friday another week whizzes by.

I don’t understand how anyone who is retired can say they are bored—I need a 28 hour day and an 8 day week!!

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