With the rain coming down ready to set records after eating an excellent lunch at The Big Easy and our car parked 2 blocks away we decided what else was there to do but wait for the rain to dissipate next door at the Chocalada Bakery & Cafe.  We walked and was immediately overwhelmed with all the cakes, pies and desserts in the 3 showcases.
Looking over the case with the pastries we noticed that though each had a name none had a price. We asked the lady behind the counter she said they ran from $3+ to something not hearing her. We told her what we wanted and she said just sit at a table and a waitress would be over.
It would have been a lot nicer if she had said “I’ll give the waitress your order and she will bring it to you and get whatever drinks you want,” but that didn’t happen. We walked outside and sat under a well covered area with tables and chairs. Some of the outer tables were wet but we find a dry one. A waitress came over and I ordered the Opera, a layered pastry, while Allen ordered two  : a fruit delight and a amaretto Mocha. He had forgotten the second one but by describing it the waitress knew what he was talking about. We both asked for water to drink.
We still had no idea what the pastries cost and there weren’t any listed on their menu which was mainly breakfast, sandwiches and salads.
Finished we received our check and for the first time found out that each cost $3.75 We weren’t really worried about the price and even if we knew and it was higher we still would have gotten the same ones.
Allen didn’t care for the Amaretto mocha but he did like the fruit delight. I didn’t care for the Opera as it was too ‘wet’.
The check came to $11.93 plus tax and tip.
Though we would go back when we were on Hollywood Boulevard again I much prefer Grandpa’s Bakery in Dania and then there is the best, Croissa’tine Frenvh Bakery on Federal in Fort Lauderdale.


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