If memory serves me right this has been two other restaurants but stands a better chance of survival as the prices are reasonable (which can’t be said for most of the restaurants in the area), the help is great with everyone, including managers and hostess, working together with servers and runners, to make the customer happy– which is a rare thing in the restaurant business.
Going to the Broward Performing Arts Center for theatre we are always looking for a place to eat and Rok Burger was starting to get tiring and with OB having the rudest owner ever  even they had stayed open for dinner we wouldn’t go there anymore!
In any case except for the pictures hanging (and you can drive everyone who works there crazy by asking them to name some of the portraits hanging up–we did! LOL) on the walls and the upstairs the place isn’t an easy room to change. Whether by design or not parties of two get a double table which is so much better than sitting on top of strangers.
Our server Stephy, though busy, was always with a smile and letting us know she was there to get whatever we wanted. Also, as only a smart server knows to do, she wanted to get our order in before she took and placed the order for a party of 8 that was seated just before us. After asking a couple of people who worked there what they would suggest Allen took the Beef Brisket ($15.50) with an iced tea ($2.50)–we are not alcohol drinkers–and I had the Shepard’s Pie ($16.00) and coffee ($2.50)  made with beef and lamb.
I am not familiar with the dish which is why I ordered it. The Pie was served in a skillet, very hot and with a layer of cheese on top which surprised me. (When I got home I did a little research and found out that there are many variations of this dish. Though I enjoyed it next time I will ask for them to eliminate the cheese, hoping the chef won’t come out and stab me! The cheese made it too greasy but, though having to wait for it to cool off a bit or burning my tongue, I did enjoy it.
Allen said his brisket was tender and we both agreed the staff was hard working and doing their best to please everyone.
It looks like we have finally found a reasonably priced restaurant in the Arts area with a very varied menu ranging from entrees, sandwiches, salads and a wide variety of appetizers, but most important a great staff.


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